KJG roundtable on all-time starters, LeBron James’ postseason runs with Cavs, his fit with prior CLE legends

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#5: Which Cavs player in eras before him would you have most liked to see LeBron play with?


Looking back at LeBron’s career, he has played alongside an All-Defensive player once in his career and that was in the 2009-10 season when Anderson Varejao made it. In fact, this year is probably the first year that LeBron has played alongside an elite-level defender with Anthony Davis. With that being said, the player that I would love for LeBron to play with from the Cavs’ past would have to be Larry Nance.

Nance’s athleticism paired with LeBron’s playmaking abilities could make for an exciting, high-flying duo. Nance was not a three-point shooter, but he did have an excellent mid-range game and most importantly, he was an elite shot blocker.

Looking at a five-year stretch from 1989 to 1993, he averaged 2.6 blocks per game and during his career, he made an NBA All-Defense three times.


I’ll say Price. I think his ability to shoot from the perimeter, both off the bounce and off the catch, coupled with his playmaking, would’ve fit very well with LeBron.


For a Cavalier from a past era that I would most like to see play with LeBron, I would choose Mark Price. I think the four-time All-Star point guard would be an excellent teammate to pair with LeBron. As the second overall assist leader for the Cavs and the first overall leader in free throw percentages with the team, as noted by Basketball Reference, Price would be a worthwhile teammate to pair up with LeBron.

With Price being one of the greatest point guards in Cavaliers history, and James being the greatest player overall in the franchise’s history, I could definitely see a lot of success surrounding this duo.


All of those players I mentioned in response to the first question would apply here. But of all those players, I would choose Price. As I mentioned with James and Irving earlier, I feel this guard/forward combo would be so fun to watch.

Price was a good scorer in his time with the Cavs (16.4 points) and he shot over 40.0 percent from beyond the arc. Price also was a great floor general, dishing out over 7.0 assists per game while with the Cavs. James would benefit from not having to be the primary ball-handler and could do damage off the ball with Price as the lead guard.


Brad Daugherty would’ve certainly been fun given his polish offensively and build. Austin Carr and World B. Free were each one of the better scorers and individual players of their eras as well, though, and would’ve been each interesting players alongside LeBron.


The Cavs player from a previous era I would like to have seen play alongside LeBron would have to be Shawn Kemp. With Kemp still having a couple of years left of his prime when he joined the Cavs, I would imagine it would be similar to the LeBron-Anthony Davis pairing we currently see in Los Angeles.

Okay well that wraps up this latest KJG roundtable. What are your takes for these questions, Cavs fans?

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