Cavs: Revisiting Kevin Love’s three best games of 2019-2020 thus far

Cleveland Cavaliers big man Kevin Love runs back on defense. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cleveland Cavaliers big man Kevin Love runs back on defense. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /
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Cedi Osman, Cleveland Cavaliers
Cleveland Cavaliers wing Cedi Osman (#16) drives, while Cleveland big man Kevin Love (#0) looks to get in position to make a play. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

#1: February 3 vs. New York

The matchup against the New York Knicks should have been one that was an easy win for the Cavaliers. The Knicks are one of the youngest, worst, and most poorly run franchises in the entire NBA.

While the game did not end in favor of Cleveland, Love still managed to put on a show for the home fans. He finished leading both teams in the game with 33 points, as demonstrated by ESPN. Once again, he did it in a very efficient manner as well, as he shot four-for-nine from the three-point line and eight-for-11 inside the arc.

Also, Kevin turned back the clock to the play-style that put him on the map in the NBA during his time with the Timberwolves as a player Cleveland was really funneling the vast majority of their offense through, and even more so than typically. He led both teams in rebounds with a total of thirteen, and just like Larry Nance Jr., had six assists, and seeing Love turn back the clock like that is something that Cavs fans should be very excited about.

On top of that, he had this scoring and rebuilding explosion against a team with very solid bigs. Julius Randle, while a tad undersized for the power forward position, makes up for his lack of height in grit and athletic ability on the interior (granted, he’s not known for his defensive prowess, but is very physical). Players that fit into that skill set can give Love trouble, but on the night of February 3, the best the Knicks could try to do was to slow him down.

Despite this amazing performance from Love, New York still managed to pull off an upset and beat the Cavs in overtime 139-134.

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While all of Love’s best games seem to result in Cavaliers losses, I do not believe that it is Love’s fault for a loss, really, in any of these matchups, and even more so when taking into consideration the level of efficiency that he played with in all three of these games.