Cavs: LeBron James’ potential owning of an NBA team is logical next step

Former Cleveland Cavalier LeBron James (Photo by Allison Farrand/NBAE via Getty Images)
Former Cleveland Cavalier LeBron James (Photo by Allison Farrand/NBAE via Getty Images) /

LeBron James spent most of his playing career in a Cleveland Cavaliers jersey. The next question once he’s done is what he’ll do next and it seems like James has that idea mapped out.

For sixteen years, LeBron James has been the buzz on the court. Since coming into the NBA in 2003, James’ hype and performance have been off-the-charts and it’s not necessarily close to being over.

However, what’s the next step when LeBron does call it quits playing-wise?

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There are a plethora of options. He could continue to work hand-in-hand with Nike, as James has a lifetime deal that obviously isn’t going away. Maybe he puts all of his time in the I Promise school that he helped launch last summer.

Or of course, he could pursue more business endeavors like Blaze Pizza.

But what if James wanted to step up to an executive-level when it came to the NBA ranks? What if he decided to become an NBA owner?

It’s absolutely feasible and honestly bound to happen, in my opinion. Don’t take my word for it though, James seems to like the idea as well.

“Ain’t no maybe about it, I’m going to do that s***,” James said, per The Athletic’s Joe Vardon (subscription required).

Of course, James has the money (according to to dive into owning an NBA team. That’s never going to be an issue.

And he now appears to have that circled as his next adventure, which would also be another move to rival Michael Jordan, whether LeBron wants to admit it or not.

Obviously, Jordan hasn’t done that great as an owner, only making the postseason a few times as the owner of the Charlotte Hornets. It’s the greatest flaw in the basketball career of M.J., who’s otherwise viewed as the greatest-of-all-time by a good deal of fans and pundits.

And that’s where LeBron could one-up him quickly, depending on how fast he jumps into that pond.

According to Fenway Sports president Sam Kennedy (h/t ESPN’s Brian Windhorst), James could be seen as a multi-sport owner down the line.

"“I see LeBron owning multiple teams someday,” Fenway Sports president Sam Kennedy said. “Not just NBA, but perhaps international soccer and maybe in esports. One thing we’ve learned working with LeBron is that he sees the big picture. He has a track record of making smart decisions and looking for opportunities. He’s also been very successfully financially, and that’s what you have to do to become a sports team owner.”"

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So could LeBron own an NBA team? Yes. Will he? More than likely.

But will he be successful? I guess we’ll find out. Recent history tends to point to yes.