What the Cavs should do if they lose their future draft picks

Cleveland Cavaliers Collin Sexton (Photo by Mike Lawrence/NBAE via Getty Images)
Cleveland Cavaliers Collin Sexton (Photo by Mike Lawrence/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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With the NBA reportedly launching an investigation into the Cleveland Cavaliers’ signing and then quick releasing of Patrick McCaw, there is a chance that the Cavs could lose multiple future draft picks as a result of the investigation. It’s unlikely to happen but you never know in these scenarios.

The news about the NBA going to investigate the Cleveland Cavaliers for their signing and then rapid releasing of Patrick McCaw was initially reported by the New York TimesMarc Stein. In addition, Mark Medina of the Mercury News highlighted how Cleveland could “face a fine and loss of a 1st-round pick.”

In Medina’s article, he noted how fines could be “anywhere between $3 to $6 million as well as the loss of future first-round draft picks.”

That means there might be a world where the Cavs wouldn’t get a chance to pick potential cornerstone players in upcoming drafts in the near future, depending on the determined year of those picks being removed from Cleveland and where the Cavs would be drafting. Either way, those are so valuable, and would be devastating to their rebuilding process and set them back. In the event they do lose their picks, there might be a way to rebuild without completely tanking.

#1: Trade Kevin Love on 2019 NBA Draft night

A Kevin Love trade was likely possible without the investigation but now it becomes imperative for the Cavs to trade Love for younger assets if that sort of punishment does come down, based on its impact for coming years taking away potential pieces, it might be an opportune time on draft night to deal Love to get back some draft capital. With Love’s diminished trade value, you probably can’t get anything great for him anymore.

With that in mind they should try to trade Love at the upcoming draft night. It might be the only way to get something of notable value for the veteran. You might be able to trade Kevin Love for the 10th pick (or so) in the draft this year depending on who has it.

If the New Orleans Pelicans go really south and have the 10th pick and they’re on the verge of trading Anthony Davis to a contender such as the Boston Celtics or the Los Angeles Lakers (as there’s been reported rumors of, per Bleacher Report’s Eric Pincus) in July, you might be able to swing a deal for the 10th pick and a guy like E’Twaun Moore.

New Orleans could build around Love or they could include him in the Anthony Davis trade and get a third team involved. If you’re the Cavs, they can get a good player with the 10th pick and Moore might have a lot of value to a contender at the 2020 NBA trade deadline.