Cleveland Cavaliers show promise, hold the Nets under 200 points

Cleveland Cavaliers Kevin Love (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)
Cleveland Cavaliers Kevin Love (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images) /

The Cleveland Cavaliers came out strong against the Brooklyn Nets, but early in the third quarter they realized that they are, in fact, not that good.

Another Cleveland Cavaliers’ game, another loss. After moderately-low expectations (I say moderately only because we didn’t think the Cavs were going to be worse than the last time LeBron James left) we somehow came out disappointed.

The team seems horribly awkward, disjointed, and strangely paced.

The game started out with both teams displaying their less-than-stellar abilities, and returned to the locker room with a 45-45 tie at the half.

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The second half was the difference-maker as the Cavs decided to switch to a good ol’ fashioned game of “watch the other team shoot three-pointers while you don’t even pretend to care.”

The defense somehow looks worse than previous years, and the teams love affair with long two’s would make Carmelo Anthony breathe heavy.

This game confirmed everyone’s greatest fears. The Cavs are, indeed, worse than the Nets.

Collin Sexton has had positives and negatives through four games.

He’s still relying a great deal on his explosive athleticism and intense competitiveness to score. This approach may work in college, but at the NBA level, where EVERYONE is an otherworldly athlete, this style of play makes for some laughably bad shots.

Sexton played a solid game tonight, chipping in 14 points off the bench, and continued to look like the only Cavalier who looked like he realized he was on a basketball court.

Cedi Osman took a step back, and like a nerdy middle schooler, seemed to be trying way too hard and it hurt Cleveland.

For years, the team’s identity was based on one player. Finding a replacement for one man who literally carried the entire franchise on his back will be almost impossible to find.

This Cavaliers team sans LeBron only serves as validation for James’ departure.

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Without the overarching shadow of the greatest player on the planet, we can see what this Cleveland Cavaliers’ team really is.