Could/Should LeBron James return to Cleveland?

Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images
Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images /

Though LeBron James just left the Cleveland Cavaliers to go play Los Angeles this summer, is it possible that the King comes back to retire as a Cavalier?

This summer LeBron James decided to take his talents to Los Angelas, and he signed a four-year max contract with the Lakers. With a no-trade clause, the King should be firmly planted in LA for those four years. However, could he come back and play alongside his son for the Cleveland Cavaliers?

LeBron has said that he would love to play or share the court with his son someday, and the possibility is not unrealistic.

When it comes to the point, after Lebron is done with the four-year contract, he may choose to just sign one-year contracts till his son, barring any catastrophic injuries, gets drafted. He could then opt to sign a one-year contract with that team and teach Bronny the way of the NBA.

As Cavs fan, we will never again see LeBron play for the Cavs in his prime. As many players have in the past, it wouldn’t be unusual to see James sign a one-day contract just to retire a Cavalier.

As James gets older, he will not be the focal point of a team anymore, something many can’t even fathom. He will eventually have to settle for a secondary role, and he may choose to just come back to Cleveland, at that point he’d be almost 38-years-old.

No matter what happens we know that Cleveland will retire his number, after all, he did bring the city their first championship. Cleveland could very well put a statue of him.

It only makes sense since LeBron is arguably the greatest player of all time and certainly the greatest Cavalier ever. Miami will also probably retire his number also since he brought two championships to South Beach as well.

As for playing with Bronny, the Cavs won’t be an elite team for a while, and even in four seasons, they’ll still be a borderline playoff team (hopefully not, but it is Cleveland). If they slide into a top-ten pick, they could easily draft Bronny.

They’d have Kevin Love in the last year of his contract, hopefully, Collin Sexton still, and then be able to add both James Sr. and James Jr.

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After all, he is just a kid from Akron, and no better way to retire by returning home and playing for his hometown team with his kid.