Cleveland Cavaliers: Is Dan Gilbert content with mediocrity?


Dan Gilbert just lost one of the best players in NBA history. Again. Will he put his ego aside, and pick up the pieces of a broken Cleveland Cavaliers franchise?

In 2010, LeBron James left Dan Gilbert and the Cleveland Cavaliers in a state of disrepair. The Cavs had just spent the last four years custom fitting a team to LeBron’s every whim resulting in an aging roster filled with specialists well past their primes.

Dan Gilbert did not take this “Decision” very well. His words, immortalized in the wildly infamous and bizarre “comic sans” letter live on to this day.

This letter stands as a constant source of embarrassment for the organization. It’sb odd, nonsensical, overly grandiose claims sounded more like the desperate shouts of anger from a scorned billionaire than the rallying cry of a spurned fan base.

Eight years later and Gilbert has been left in the wake of another LeBron generated mushroom cloud. The Cavs roster is an island of misfit toys, riddled with over the hill sharpshooters and non-playmakers.

Gilbert has repeatedly expressed his desire to remain “competitive” and has been reluctant to make moves that would benefit the team in the long run.

In the ever-thinning East, even teams as flawed as the Cavs have a shot at a low-tier playoff berth, but will this benefit the team’s long-term goals?

Of pressing concern is Dan Gilbert’s intentions of retaining Kevin Love. Gilbert apparently would rather remain as a fringe playoff team, despite the Hawks owning a top-ten protected pick from the Cavs for next year, than he would a team with assets.

The question remains, why is Gilbert intent on a never-ending cycle of averageness?

The answer potentially lies in a continued feud with LeBron. If Dan Gilbert’s Cavs finish this year as a bottom tier team it will mean LeBron has won. The fiery competitor in Gilbert that propelled him into success would not stand for another loss.

Meanwhile, the stakes are high for LeBron James’ Lakers. If James can’t justify a move to LA with a deep playoff run, his departure will reflect very poorly on James’ legacy.

These next few months decide the future of this organization. Egos and personal vendettas must be kept in check.

If the Cavaliers do indeed decide to remain “competitive” we may find ourselves in the “pit of decent”. This is a path worst than rock bottom of the league where there is at least a way up.

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In the “Pit of Decent” there is only middle draft picks and a never-ending supply of Goran Dragic jerseys.