Why Collin Sexton is the guard the Cavaliers need

Cleveland Cavaliers Koby Altman (Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images)
Cleveland Cavaliers Koby Altman (Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images) /

Collin Sexton was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers with the 8th pick. Sexton is a dynamic point guard with a 6-foot-6 wingspan.

6-foot-2 point guard Collin Sexton, who played under longtime NBA point guard Avery Johnson at the University of Alabama, is now a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

He has shown through his time at Alabama to be one of the best point guards in all of college basketball. Whether he was pulling up from mid-range with a smooth jumper or driving to the hoop with a thunderous dunk, Sexton has shown his dynamic ability to affect any game he is in.

He averaged 19 points per game as he led his Alabama team to an at-large March Madness berth.

Sexton has shown to be a score-first guard at the college level. He has the speed and acceleration to be elusive in the half court and a blur in the full court. This can lead to easy baskets for him and teammates, something Cleveland will desperately need.

Although his jump shot is something he must work on, his mid-range game is phenomenal. The main issue in his jump shot is his 33% clip from downtown.

However, he has shown the dedication to his craft necessary to improve his three-point shot.

His main weapon on the offensive end is reaching the basket and using his creativity around the rim to create opportunities for easy baskets and fouls. He’s ambidextrous and routinely uses both hands while fighting toward the rim.

He may be the best slasher in this draft.

His ball-handling is not necessarily the tightest. However, he is quick and elusive with the ball.

He also has elite crossover dribbles that he routinely uses to get to the rim.

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In terms of play types, his ability to work in the pick-and-roll is one of his best abilities. He has shown flashes of impeccable timing and ability to burst to the rim using his physical gifts in the pick-and-roll.

Using these offensive gifts he will be able to make a difference in the NBA.

However, he needs to become more efficient on the offensive end.

He has the tendency to force things, from shooting early in the possession threes to attacking powerful rim protectors.

He will need to become more patient in his scoring approach at the next level.

Nonetheless, his ability to score the ball will help Cleveland whether LeBron stays or not. If LeBron stays, he offers the opportunity to become a second scorer behind LeBron. He could potentially the void left when Kyrie Irving was traded.

However, this comparison to a Cleveland great is not correct.

He may be a prolific scorer from the guard position. However, unlike Irving, he brings defense to the table. Instead of Kyrie, one should compare him to a B-list Dwayne Wade.

Sexton offers the same hard-nosed defense that Wade possessed as a young player in Miami. Although he may not be the best from a statistical standpoint, only averaging 0.8 steals per game at Alabama, he has the physical skill set and mental fortitude to be a top-level defender.

His lateral quickness and length offer him a chance to be the game-changing defender many think he is.

This physical skillset is helped by having a relentless engine.

He has shown the aggressive leadership that brings teams together. Whether this means throwing his body on the ground to get a loose ball or stepping up to defend the opposing teams best player. He plays the type of basketball that commands respect.

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This choice in the draft could be the Cavaliers leader for decades and he has the opportunity to be the best defender they have had in years.

No matter how Collin Sexton turns out, his career will be interesting to watch.