What will the Cleveland Cavaliers do – Valuations of the coaching staff?

CLEVELAND, OH - APRIL 11: Tristan Thompson
CLEVELAND, OH - APRIL 11: Tristan Thompson /

With change coming this offseason, should the Cleveland Cavaliers make any within the coaching staff?

After losing to the Golden State Warriors in two consecutive NBA Finals appearances, is it time for the Cleveland Cavaliers to make a coaching change?

What is important vs. What is not

Often times, Cavs fans find themselves either not involved in the processes and operations of the team or not involved at all.

Sometimes we might cling to a certain player that we want to see play and mature. Then other times we take a more objective view and attempt to keep whats best for the team in our sights.

This year, the Cavs face another unique challenge in the decision-making process: Will we base our draft/pick choice on the current coaching staff or the prospective coaching staff.

There have been many groups and circles that have very “different” views on how we should use the 8th pick in the 2018 NBA Draft. There have been circles where the group agrees that we have to trade the pick to acquire top talent from a team who is looking to move up.

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Some say we should draft a point guard for Lebron to groom if he stays. Then there are the groups who say we should use the pick to draft a Lebron replacement (or what they hope to be.)

Team Theory

In theory, with the possibility of a rebuild looming, the Cavs should not trade the 8th pick in this year’s draft. The front office should seek to improve our roster with this pick that could potentially be the start of a new regime here in Cleveland.

There have been many reports that lead to us choosing Micheal Porter Jr. Others point to us selecting a quality point guard that will almost immediately come in, provide scoring, have some defensive awareness, and the ability to see the floor to make the right pass.

The team needs a player that is able to lead, a player whose weaknesses the Cavs can potentially correct, build up his current strengths and grow new levels of performance inside of his role. Coaching will be a large factor in how this new player will develop and will significantly impact that player’s future.

The Cavs have a chance to develop a young talent into a potential star to really contribute to the success of the franchise whether or not the choice Lebron makes.

Coaching Theory

The Cavs coaching situation has consistently been tumultuous, to say the least. This season has proved head coach Tyronn Lue has had difficulties with in-game decision-making and adjustments and his lack of ability to develop players.

The ability to develop young players is crucial in our future. The Cavs have gotten younger and because we have young guys now they need direction not just from the players perspective but from the coaching angle as well.

His decision-making ability has been the biggest question and quite frankly he may not be the best head coach option for the Cavs moving forward.

According to Basketball-Reference, in the last two years, the Cavs have ranked 21st (2016-17) and 29th (2017-18) in defensive rating, not to mention that the Cavs were slightly worse on offense last season (3rd in 2016-17 and 5th in 2017-18).

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What We Should Do

Ultimately speaking, if the Cavs are going to rebuild this franchise into a serious championship contender, the front office will need to hire a coaching staff that can develop young talent, encourage a cohesive locker-room for team chemistry purpose and foster an open environment of communication for the team to flow and operates as a unit.