LeBron James: 3 sign-and-trade options involving the Los Angeles Lakers

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The Cleveland Cavaliers might just luck out and have LeBron James opt-in and force a trade. If he does that, here are three possible sign-and-trade options.

Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James has, instead of signing a longer max contract, opted to sign 1-and-1 deals with a player option after each season, giving James full control of his destiny.

Whether Cleveland liked it or not, they really got no option, being at the will of the King. However, with that comes the possibility that, just like Chris Paul, James can opt-in and force a trade to the Los Angeles Lakers, a team that could potentially give him a much better chance to winning the NBA Finals.

Although Lakers legend Shaquille O’Neal told James there’s no need to spend his last seasons chasing rings, James is chasing the ghost. The ghost in Chicago that went 6-0 in the Finals.

In the end, there’s no real need for James to chance rings, especially since arguments bashing James will just turn into how he’s lost five Finals, and potentially several more. But, if that’s his desire, Los Angeles might be his best destination.

That destination could offer two more superstars and could even help Cleveland if James forces a sign-and-trade. What would a sign-and-trade look like? And why would James do that?

James loves Cleveland. He’s from there, he’s set up a school there, and he came back to win a title there. He owes the city nothing, but if he signs, he can force a trade to the Lakers that would result in immensely helping Cleveland reach the promise land in the near future.

That said, let’s get into a few sign-and-trade options if there were to be one.

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