Cleveland Cavaliers podcast: KJG Ep. 1 on Warriors-Cavs and more


King James Gossip is here! In our inaugural post, we talk about the Cleveland Cavaliers Christmas Day matchup with Golden State and more.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have a huge week ahead. They have the Golden State Warriors on Christmas along with a matchup against the Kings. Our podcast was recorded Wednesday night and posted Friday, so we do not have the results of the Cavs-Bulls game, but we did put it in our picks of the week– spoiler, we all chose Cleveland over Chicago.

King James Gossip is hosted by site expert Nathan Beighle and contributors Kyle Hesketh and Jared Hesketh. In total, the episode spans about 35 minutes and covers several major topics of discussion.

That said, what did we talk about in total in our inaugural podcast? Glad you asked! Here’s the rundown of topics in order of appearance.

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  • We start the show off with recapping the games from this past week. The Cavs were 3-1, only losing their last game against the Bucks.
  • We then transition to our first “Hot Topic.” We center that topic around the Christmas Day game against the Warriors and what the expectations surrounding that is.
  • Our second “Hot Topic” is how many Cavs will be all-stars this year. The unanimous conclusion was two but several other good points were brought up about other potential all-stars.
  • Following our second hot topic, we started our “would you rather” segment. We had three would you rather questions highlighted by a hypothetic trade with DeAndre Jordan at the end.
  • Then, we started the wind down with our mailbag. We answered four user-submitted question en route to wrapping up our first podcast.
  • We officially ended with our Shump Street picks of the week.

King James Gossip will return next Thursday morning as we continue to try and perfect our podcast. Submit any questions you have on our Facebook page and we’ll be sure to add your Q to our mailbag for our second podcast.

The Cavs also have an array of storylines surrounding their team, so if you have any “Hot Topic” suggestions, we’d love to hear them. Till next week!