Lonzo Ball and the Lakers take on LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers


The Los Angeles Lakers are in town to take on the Cleveland Cavaliers. But let’s be honest; it’s really Lonzo Ball is in town to take on LeBron James.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are back on a two-game winning streak after beating the Atlanta Hawks due to an outstanding performance by none other than LeBron James. While the Lakers are coming off an overtime loss to the New York Knicks.

While it may look like a normal December game to a normal person not following social media or having no clue who the Ball family is. But to us typical human beings, this is no ordinary Cavs game. This game brings about the most talked about father-son(s) combo the modern sports world has ever seen.

Rookie point guard, Lonzo Ball, was the most hyped rookie coming out of the NBA Draft this past summer. And, after putting up some spectacular performances in summer league, he has been a bit of a disappointment, outside of a few wonderful performances this season, including a 17 point, 8 rebound, and 6 assist outing at the Garden.

Nonetheless, Lonzo has been vastly over-hyped. Much in part because of his father’s antics.

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Conversely, we have the best player in the world going up against him. If LeBron has proved anything this year, it’s that he still is the best player without a doubt. When it comes to LeBron showing up for “big” games he doesn’t disappoint. Even though the Lakers aren’t an elite team as of right now, they do have a lot of young, talented, and versatile players on their roster. Many of whom have played well in instances.

I expect this to be a statement game for LeBron and the Cavaliers. Due to the controversy and media surrounding the Ball family, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Cavs and LeBron, specifically, come out of the gates firing on all cylinders.

Thus far, LeBron has loved to put rookies in their place. We all saw the noise LeBron and Enis Kanter made after LeBron mentioned that Dennis Smith Jr. should have been a Knick. During the Knicks game, LeBron and rookie, Frank Ntilikina, got tangled up, Kanter joined in, and they had a few things to say to each other. We also saw Ben Simmons, another great rookie, struggle against LeBron and company. With Lonzo, I expect nothing less. And, Lonzo should expect nothing less than a crowd full of boos erupting from the Q. Especially if Lavar Ball is in attendance.

This summer, LeBron and Lavar had some words to say about each other after Lavar mentioned him and his kids in an interview. Which adds more fuel to the fire that is LeBron James. You can count on LeBron rallying his troops for the game tomorrow. We will see just how good Lonzo is after LeBron gets through with him.

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And, after that, we will see the newest of Lavar’s excuses for why Lonzo and the Lakers are struggling.

Personally, I can’t wait.