The Kyrie Irving trade to Boston could be voided

CLEVELAND, OH - NOVEMBER 03: Isaiah Thomas
CLEVELAND, OH - NOVEMBER 03: Isaiah Thomas /

Both the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics should be motivated to keep their blockbuster deal from falling apart.

The blockbuster trade that saw the Cleveland Cavaliers send Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics has hit a major snag. Isaiah Thomas, the headliner from the Celtics side’, has hip issues. Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN is reporting that,

"“After All-Star guard Isaiah Thomas underwent a physical examination in Cleveland on Friday, uncertainty over the fitness of his injured hip has Cavaliers officials evaluating the results and considering possible ramifications to the blockbuster trade that sent Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics earlier this week, league sources said.”"

This is a major development and offers us a window into why the Celtics traded for Irving and gave up more than the Thunder and Timberwolves did in deals for Paul George and Jimmy Butler respectively. In fact, Danny Ainge is quoted in Wojnarowski’s article admitting to the fact that Thomas’ injury played a role in the trade:

"“When asked Tuesday if Thomas’ injury played a part in making the trade for Irving, Boston general manager Danny Ainge told reporters, ‘Some.'”"

The trade has definitely hit snag but both teams should be motivated to keep it together.

The Cavaliers in the person of Jae Crowder finally have a defender to help LeBron James guard the teams most pesky wing players. Crowder’s presence also provides the added benefit of rest for LeBron, not to mention the bonus of being LeBron’s replacement if he leaves Cleveland as is widely anticipated in some quarters. Ante Zizic is a player that could aid the bench this season and contribute significant minutes going forward as Tristan Thompson’s backup. We all know the value that an unprotected 2018 first-round pick from Brooklyn would bring to the team.

Furthermore, who wants a disgruntled Kyrie Irving coming to training camp? It is most certainly in the best interests of both teams to have this deal completed.

How can the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics adjust the deal in a manner that avoids it being revoked? The simplest answer to this as suggested in the Wojnarowski article is draft compensation. A second-round pick from the Celtics should be enough to get this deal done.

Cavs Nation should be realistic here, “BOSTON WILL NOT OFFER JAYSON TATUM OR JAYLEN BROWN” as compensation. Boston will not even offer another first-round pick unless it years in the future. A second-round pick has immense trade value because it can be used as a sweetener to bring another star to Cleveland.

Thomas does not have a career-ending injury, he has a season-delaying injury.

He will be able to suit up for the Cavaliers eventually, just not as early as Kyrie will for Boston. The Cavaliers should take the compensation which is sure to be offered and complete this deal.

There is no need for the Kyrie drama to continue.

All that the Cavaliers should be focused on heading into training camp is how to get back to the NBA Finals. 

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