Rumor: LeBron James and Kyrie Irving Met In Miami

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ peculiar summer continues. According to Tony Rizzo of ESPN Cleveland LeBron James and Kyrie Irving met in Miami over the weekend.

Here are Rizzo’s exact words on the Cleveland Cavaliers’ superstars:

“From very reliable sources. Plural. Kyrie and LeBron were in the same room over the weekend in Florida…Apparently these guys were in the same room and here’s the deal. I don’t know if there’s a thawing out process. All I do know is LeBron didn’t punch Kyrie the way Stephen A thought he would. I can report that. As for what they talked about or discussed…it was very cool. They didn’t get into any heated discussions.”

While it is completely possible that LeBron and Kyrie were in the same room in Miami over the weekend, it should be taken without a high degree of skepticism. Rizzo isn’t an NBA insider by any means even though he does have a good relationship with Dan Gilbert.

Rizzo recently reported that Irving was going to be sent to the Phoenix Suns in the beginning of August, which obviously hasn’t happened.

While he was clearly wrong about the Suns’ trade, Rizzo has been right about Cavalier moves before they were reported by NBA insiders. He correctly reported the Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love trade before LeBron came back to Cleveland in 2014.

Saying definitively that LeBron and Kyrie did meet over the weekend would be foolish given that there are no other reported sources that are backing this up. However, it is possible that it could have happened.

It can be confirmed that both LeBron and Kyrie were in Miami over the weekend. John Wall recently worked out with both James and Irving in South Beach.

However unlikely a meeting was between the two stars, James has conducted similar meetings like this with players in the past. LeBron met with Kevin Love after the 2015 season to discuss free agency and signing long-term in Cleveland. James and Irving could have had a similar discussion over the weekend in Miami.

It should also be noted that Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN wrote a piece on Tuesday morning saying that the Cavs are still exploring options to trade Irving and will not accept anything but a lucrative return for Irving.

What the Cavs will do with Kyrie Irving remains to be seen. Speculative reports from unnamed sources like this will continue to surface until the situation is resolved.