NBA Playoffs Bold Prediction: Cavs Sweep Raptors


The NBA Playoffs kick back off for the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight. One bold prediction.

After a long hard fought battle against the Miami Heat, the Raptors won their second playoff series ever in Game 7. Now they head to Cleveland to play the 8-0 Cavaliers.

To be honest, the Eastern Conference has looked exactly how everyone thought it would look heading into the playoffs. The Raptors have struggled throughout, the Cavs has soared through, and no one is giving any attention to the East because the Western Conference is actually playing well.

When it comes to predicting this 1 v. 2 seeded matchup, what everyone believes will happen will. The Cavaliers are the heavy favorite, rightfully so. Breezing through the first two rounds of the playoffs with little trouble and impressive numbers.

Heading into the Eastern Conference Finals, they should have the same results. The Raptors are a better matchup then the Pistons and the Hawks were. Kyle Lowry and Demar DeRozan are a problem for any team when they are able to produce. The key for the Cavs is to shut DeRozan down early in the series and not allow him to catch a rhythm throughout.

This task should be much easier then it sounds. DeRozan has only shot 35% from the field this postseason. As everyone has watched, he has only been a major contributor in maybe two games. If J.R. Smith and LeBron James are capable of keeping him contained then he should become a nonfactor early in the series.

With DeRozan out of the way, Lowry will be the only problem the Cavaliers face until Jonas Valanciunas returns. Keeping Lowry contained will be a much harder challenge then DeRozan. Shutting him down enough to be a nonfactor isn’t a possibility for the Cavaliers. Even with him playing well, the Cavaliers have way more than enough star power to beat the Raptors.

When it comes to Valanciunas, he should be the least of the Cavaliers worries. He’s athletic and can shoot, but Tristian Thompson and the rest of the Cavaliers post can do enough to contain him. Even if they can’t, he isn’t a big enough factor to control the outcome of a game. It is also possible that the big man doesn’t play at all this series.

People tend to doubt these predictions because most times they favor the Cavaliers. What they don’t realize though is the Cavs have played the least amount of minutes of any team in the postseason. They produce the best offensive numbers. AND, LeBron James isn’t leading this team. Okay, maybe he is “leading” this team, but Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love are the biggest threats for other teams.

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Combine all this and it’s nearly impossible to beat Cleveland. If needed, LeBron James will have a breakout game during this series but it most likely won’t be needed.

You have to give props to the Raptors for finally getting over the hump and winning a playoff series. They proved that they deserved to be in the position they are. But it’s been a cakewalk for the Cavaliers this far and nothing will change. They are the best team in the Eastern Conference and they’ll prove it again.

Sadly, this series won’t be much of a contest. My bold prediction, Cavaliers head to the NBA Finals (Bonus: Against the Golden State Warriors who win their series in seven games) after finishing the Eastern Conference undefeated. Sweeping the Raptors 4-0.

Do you expect another sweep by the Cavs?