Cavs Don’t Believe in Magic: 5 Things We Learned


The Cleveland Cavaliers dominated the Orlando Magic. 5 Things we learned from the Cavs win.

A road game that some thought might be difficult, or at least exciting, turned into nothing more than a big Cavs blowout. The game turned ugly in the 2nd Quarter when the Cavs 2 point lead increased to 16. The domination got even worse for the Magic as the Cavs built 30 and even 40 point leads.

Maybe even more important for the Cavs is that they seemed to be having fun, something we haven’t seen most of the season.

Fans had fun to!

Here are 5 Things We Learned from the Cavs win:

1. LeBron James Post Game is Impressive

LBJ went off for 25 points along with 8 assists and 3 rebounds in only 3 quarters of action. In under 30 minutes, LeBron put on a clinic out of the post. A part of his game that was missing in his first time around with the Cavs, LeBron showed off an array of moves down low. He punished whatever Magic defender was assigned to try to guard him.

His feel down low has grown exponentially over the last few years. When to go strong, when to fake, when to pass, a little sweeping jump hook across the lane, turnaround jumper and more all have grown out of the post. That is impressive.

It also makes him very dangerous come NBA Finals if the Golden State Warriors try to go small with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love healthy and on the floor. Last year, the Cavs didn’t have anyone else to run the offense. Irving, and Mo Williams, along with Love inside and outside, changes that and gives LeBron a chance to play out of the post.

2. Iman Shumpert Has Improved

Shump made his return last night and not only did he not look like he missed a beat, he looked better than last year. His handle, especially with his left hand, was much improved. He defended at his normal high level and his jump shot looked much smoother with Iman showing a great deal of confidence in it.

He played 24 minutes upon his return, scoring 14 points with 3 rebounds. Most impressively he was 5 – 7 from the floor, including 2 – 3 from deep.

If Shumpert is able to reprise his role as a great defender while also developing into a solid offensive player, the Cavs’ chances for an NBA Title will greatly increase. Last year Shumpert’s offensive contributions were inconsistent at best. Paired with Irving or Williams, the Cavs could have a very balanced backcourt.

3. Cavs Did Their Homework

The Magic has a winning record, had quality offensive and defensive players and yet the Cavs destroyed them. The Magic average just under 100 points, 99.9, a game and giving up just over 99 points a game, 99.2. The Cavs held the Magic to 76 points, 24 below their season average, while scoring 111 while sitting most of their starters for the entire 4th quarter.

The Cavs took Evan Fournier (5 points), Tobias Harris (0 points) and Channing Frye (0 points) completely out of the game. They also punished the Magic down low while moving the ball and getting their young, athletic players out of position.

Solid job by the Cavs coaches for making the plan and for the players sticking to the plan.

4. When James Jones Gets Going…

Jones struggled early in the game, much as he has this season, but when he got going, he scored 14 points in just over 3 minutes. His shooting was a certainty last season and gave the Cavs a gravity force to open up the floor. He will be helpful piece for the Cavs throughout the year but more importantly in the NBA Finals.

The Cavs are at their best when they have a big man who can stretch the floor. Jones is a perfect backup 4 for Love, allowing Timofey Mozgov and Tristan Thompson to fill the minutes at center. Jones is a great option off the bench for the Cavs.

And when he gets hot… 14 points in 3 minutes!

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5. Good Cavs Are Exciting, Fun

When the Cavs are moving the ball, moving players and playing great defense, they are an entertaining team to watch.  They also seem unbeatable. Hard to say what stops the ball/player movement as well as the defense but, besides being tired, nothing should.

LeBron talked about the Cavs, specifically head coach David Blatt having a tough time finding playing time for “12 players.” Not sure the 3 players he doesn’t expect to get minutes. Joe Harris and Sasha Kaun haven’t been playing but Anderson Varejao is LBJ’s good buddy who hasn’t gotten a ton of minutes.

No matter what, this Cavs team is so exciting, so fun.

We are excited that we get to cover the team together.

What did you learn from last night’s demolition of the Magic?