VIDEO: LeBron James Releases 360-Degree Training Video

You’ve seen LeBron James in 2D and 3D before, but have you seen him in 360-degrees? With the new Facebook initiative, now you can.

LeBron James Striving for Greatness was released the other day when Facebook rolled out the 360-degree video in your News Feed. LeBron James & Uninterrupted was one of their launch partners.

Dubbed as a new, immersive video experience, you can now watch videos on Facebook from whichever angle that you desire. The new video series LeBron James Striving for Greatness will take you deeper into the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar’s rigorous training this pre-season.

Fox Sports also reported on the press release from Facebook on James’ innovative video which says,

“The Cavs star practices his shooting – and slam dunks – on an empty court in the clip. He powers through running pull-ups while trainer Mike Mancias bangs on his feet. If you’re watching the video on Android, you can drag your finger around the screen to explore the complete 360-degree view of the entire scene — or you can turn the phone on its side and move around inside the video. Look up at the basket, or turn around in the gym to see other people working out nearby. Note: if you’re on a computer just click and drag the video with your cursor to view different angles; 360 video for iPhone is not out yet but will be available in the coming months.

LeBron James Striving for Greatness is a cinematic virtual reality experience, that transports the viewer into the center of the NBA superstar’s intensive pre-season training. As LeBron is about to begin his 13th NBA season, he works relentlessly with his trainer Mike Mancias to stay on top of his game and become a better player. In between his yoga, Pilates, swimming, biking, weight lifting and basketball training sessions, LeBron reflects on the challenges he faces and shares with the audience what inspires him to pursue his dreams.”

VR Scout adds:

“The experience will be released in two different ways: as a series of episodes for FB 360 on Uninterrupted’s Facebook page, and also as a standalone 3D 360° VR experience for distribution on the Oculus platform, sometime mid-November.”

You can check out the full introduction of the 360-degree video from Facebook right here.

Other than LeBron James & Uninterrupted, other publishers of Facebook’s new 360 videos are Star WarsDiscoveryGoPro, NBC’s Saturday Night Live, and VICE.

LeBron James Striving for Greatness is a series of five episodes on Facebook and each one features the 360-degree video technology.

After the Warner Bros. deal that may pave the way for Space Jam 2 starring the Cavs undisputed leader, James is expanding his borders in increasing awareness of his brand. By partnering with Facebook for the 360 video experience, he and his team have taken the LeBron brand a notch higher in his global icon status.

LeBron James Striving for Greatness is a series of five episodes on Facebook and each one features the 360-degree video technology. We’ll update you on succeeding episodes as soon as they are released.

If the first video is any indication (and I believe it is), then we’re in for a special treat from the best player in the world. LeBron James Striving for Greatness from Uninterrupted was created with Felix & Paul Studios.

You catch watch the first episode on LeBron James’ page here or you can simply watch the embedded video below.

Striving For Greatness: An UNINTERRUPTED OriginalI was born with God given talent, but I PROMISE you that when the bright lights go down I am grinding it out and working my tail off to get better. I will never cheat this game… Catch the full series on UNINTERRUPTED #StriveForGreatness #UNINTERRUPTED #IPROMISE

Posted by LeBron James on Wednesday, September 23, 2015

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