Cavs Writer Thomas Doty Introduces Himself


Five years ago from this month, I knew nothing about the NBA. I didn’t think basketball was all that entertaining. Instead, I spent my days nearing obsessive levels of the NFL (I am still at those levels). Being from Kansas City, there really wasn’t any reason to follow the NBA. After all we haven’t had a professional basketball team here since the Kings in 1985.

With that in mind, it is kind of funny that I am now writing blogs covering the Cleveland Cavaliers. So how did that happen?

It started five years ago. LeBron James‘ decision to take his talents to South Beach. Before that I heard no news about really any other sport besides football. I didn’t watch ESPN, just NFL Network. But LeBron’s decision was heard everywhere. Even the most aloof people in the world heard about it – or at the very least heard the name floated around.

‘The Decision’ got my attention, but it didn’t hook me. What did was a video game, NBA 2k11, which was played by all my friends. I thought to myself I might as well give it a shot and so I did. You would be surprised just how quick you learn the game, the teams and the players by playing a video game. I enjoyed the game so much I started looking into the “real” NBA.

With LeBron heading to Miami and all the hype surrounding the Heat, of course they were the team I checked out first. Watching the Heat was great, it was so easy to get into it because they were so polarizing. Then you get into actually watching how they play and the excitement that came along with such a talented team. From Dwyane Wade oops to LeBron to James’ monstrous fast break dunks, I couldn’t get enough of this team.

I quickly realized I was a LeBron fan. It didn’t take long for me to realize he was by far my favorite player to follow. But it wasn’t just him I loved, I saw what made basketball such a great sport and how exciting the game was. I branched out and began following the league as a whole.

With LeBron gone, the Cavs posted the worst record in the league but perhaps the biggest reason I started taking notice of them was because they were so bad. With having the worst record they were fortunate enough to get the number one pick and with that came Kyrie Irving.

Irving quickly became the most exciting player in the entire league for me to watch. His handles were crazy, he was clutch and seemed like a great kid.

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When rumors started swirling during the 2013-14 season about LeBron’s potential return to Cleveland to team up with Irving and the rest of the extremely young but talented roster, I was ecstatic and hopeful. My two favorite players in the league together. I desperately wanted it to happen.

Fast forward to the off-season of 2014 and LeBron James is returning his talents to Cleveland, Ohio. The Cavs instantly became by favorite team. Every game I could watch, I did. I couldn’t get enough of this team.

And that is how I am writing to all you guys on a Cleveland Cavalier blog. And I couldn’t be more excited about it! Though a quick note: Some may think because I started following the NBA in 2011 my knowledge or passion isn’t the same as others, but trust me I am borderline unhealthy with how much I love the NBA and its history. With that said, I look forward to creating tons of content for all you guys!

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