NBA Rumor: Cavs Shopping Haywood, Pick in Trade Talks


The NBA Rumor mill will speed itself into a tizzy quickly following the finish of the NBA Finals and the NBA season as a whole. One just popped up today, from Brian Windhorst of ESPN, that the Cleveland Cavaliers are shopping Brendan Haywood‘s contract and their 1st Round Pick looking to upgrade their roster:

"Days after the end of the Finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers are working on upgrading their roster by shopping the potentially valuable contract of Brendan Haywood, and — in some cases — offering it along with the 24th overall pick in Thursday’s draft, sources told"

Very nuanced take by Windy here. There are really two parts: 1) The Cavs are willing to move the Haywood contract and 2) They are also willing to trade the #24 overall pick. Those two might be connected and they may not be. According to the report, the Cavs are looking for a playmaker in any trade.

The Cavs may be able to move the Haywood contract for an asset by itself or could combine the two for a better asset. Windy went on to say the Cavs are looking to swap the contract for either a player or a future draft pick. That future pick could be used to facilitate another move, combined wit the #24 pick to increase value.

An important thing to remember about Haywood’s contract is timing. Until the new league year starts, in July when Free Agency opens, Haywood’s deal is not worth the $10 million non-guaranteed that we all have been talking about since they traded for it. Right now it is still only worth the little over $2 million dollars. If the Cavs trade it during or shortly after the draft they could only bring back around $3 million in contracts.

We could be in a situation, similar to the Andrew Wiggins/Kevin Love trade, where the Cavs have a trade in place but have to wait until Free Agency starts for it to be completed. From comments David Griffin made yesterday, it seems Owner Dan Gilbert may be willing to take on the huge amount of Tax penalties by trading for the $10 million or more in contracts they can take back with Haywood’s deal.

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Timing with the #24 pick also is important. Because the Cavs do not have their pick in 2016, they can not actually trade the #24 pick. Instead they can have a deal worked out with a team, draft the player that team wants and then trade the player, not the pick, in the deal. This becomes moot if the Cavs acquire a 2016 1st round pick in any deal involving Haywood.

Important to note that, as of this moment, the only players the Cavs can actually trade are Kyrie Irving, Anderson Varejao, Joe Harris and Haywood. Every other player has an option (player or team) or is a free agent (restricted or unrestricted).

Should be a fun ride for the Cavs and we expect the NBA Rumor mill to be in full affect over the next week or so. The Cavs will likely be in the middle of it and we will do our best to keep you up to date.

Also look forward to our staff spinning their “Best Possible Off-Season” posts over the next few days as well.

What do you think of this NBA Rumor involving the Cavs?

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