That Time Draymond Green Called LeBron James Gay On Twitter


Draymond Green has a history of trash talking LeBron James that hasn’t always been the most mature. 

The Cavaliers and Warriors are meeting up in the NBA Finals, but Draymond Green has a history with LeBron James that might come back to bite him.

While he’s a changed man and a more mature than he was back when he was in college, it’s still worth noting that Draymond Green has a tweet floating out there in which he calls LeBron James ‘gay’ for choosing to sign with the Miami Heat in 2010.

We all remember when we had our first beer too.

It’s not like the world we live in today is that drastically different from the world Draymond Green was living in back in 2010. Calling someone ‘gay’ was casual back in 1999 when Slim Shady was catching flak for doing it on his hit albums.

Nowadays, calling someone gay shows that you’re out of touch you are and that was true even back in 2010. This really isn’t something that effects the series, but it’s worth noting that it happened. Anything that LeBron James can use as fuel is something he’s going to use as fuel, and smashing up a dude who gay bashed him back in 2010 is incentive that he didn’t need but will use.

As for Green, we can only hope that he’s matured from this. We all say stupid things when we’re young and think we’re invincible — but not everyone has something they said come back to bite them before the NBA Finals.

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