Cavaliers Rumors: Dwyane Wade Is A Perfect Fit


Dwyane Wade might hold out on the Miami Heat, ending their relationship and opening the door for a perfect reunion in Cleveland with LeBron James. 

When LeBron James left his vacation home in Miami to return to his throne in Cleveland, everybody wondered not only how well LeBron would do in his return but how Dwyane Wade would do in the absence of a king.

As it turns out, not so well.

Not all of the shortcoming the Heat experienced this season can be placed at the feet of Dwyane Wade. It’s not his fault that the front office botched up free agency and only got wise at the trade deadline. It’s most definitely not his fault that his star sidekick, Chris Bosh, developed a life-threatening blood clot in his lung.

But what Dwyane Wade can be blamed for his thinking he’s the leader of a franchise that he’s too old to carry. Sure, there is no other face to the Heat franchise than Dwyane Wade — it was even that way when LeBron James was there. Remember, LeBron received co-billing at the top of the Heat roster with Wade, never did he go above him in recognition.

That’s why Dwyane Wade needs to reverse ‘The Decision’ and leave Miami to come to Cleveland. It’s a story that would in more ways than one solidify an official rivalry between Miami and Cleveland moving forward.

But beyond the pettiness that would come with stealing Wade from Miami, it makes basketball sense too. Dwayne Wade is not an 82-game per season player and he never will be again. That’s the sad fact of reality, but he’s entering the Ray Allen years of his career where he’s going to still be wildly productive at times while also failing about just as much.

The Cavaliers can add Wade to the roster and make sure he’s on the court when he is hot and keep him off when he’s going to screw it up. We can basically assume he’s going to miss at least 25 games in total with various injuries and other ailments — but to have Dwyane Wade firing at his very best for even just one game is all the Cavaliers need.

Just look Ray Allen in Miami — we literally all remember just one shot he took and it was one that helped win Miami a title.

Wade’s relationship with LeBron James can help not only make the locker room even tighter than it’s becoming but add a sense of balance to the rotations. J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert are great, but the Cavaliers can use Wade like the Heat used Ray Allen to ensure this title run in 2014-15 continues into next season.

At this point in his career, it’s not about stats or loyalty for Dwyane Wade. Cleveland welcomed LeBron James back with wide open arms, a gesture that proves if Wade leave Miami in pursuit of more rings in Cleveland, he’ll still have a spot at the table to return to.

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