Cavs Vs Warriors: Golden Questions That Needed Answers

The Cleveland Cavaliers take on the Golden State Warriors tonight out in California, a 10:30 PM tip. Cavs Vs Warriors was expected to be a match-up of two teams at or near the top of their conferences. One of those things is true as the Warriors have only lost 5 games all year. Sadly the Cavs have had a ton of problems.

With Warriors games tipping so late many Cavs fans aren’t as familiar with the team outside of the highlights we see on television. In order to get more information we sat down with Eric He of Blue Man Hoop to learn more about the Warriors and asked him some Golden Questions.

We shared some Cavaliers insight in return with him, which you can read here in a new window.

Here are our questions to Eric and the information that we desperately wanted to learn:

1) What is the biggest concern for the Warriors this season, besides the rest of the Western Conference?

Health, particular that of Andrew Bogut. He just came back after missing a month with a knee injury, and he is prone to getting hurt again. Bogut is so pivotal to this team, not just on defense but also on offense, where he helps facilitate the halfcourt game and move the ball. They can still win without him, but they wouldn’t make it very far in the postseason.

2) Who is more valuable to the Warriors: Draymond Green or Harrison Barnes?

Barnes has been much improved this season, but I have to go with Green, without a doubt. He is called the Warriors’ “heartbeat” for a reason — he does all the integral little things that a championship-caliber team needs. His jump shot has also been much improved and he’s scoring in double-digits per game, but he brings energy and grit that don’t usually show up on the stat sheet. The Warriors would not be where they are without Green, and they better sign him to a fat extension in the offseason.

3) How do you think Kevin Love would have fit with the Warriors?

I have to admit I was enthralled with the possibility of Curry and Love working together, draining threes and annihilating defenses. I think it would have taken some time for him to adjust, and that could have been problematic, as it’s been with the Cavs. He would definitely have made the Warriors better, but in hindsight, not making this trade was the best move the Warriors made all summer because everything is gelling almost perfectly right now.

4) Who/what might the team try to acquire by the deadline?

The Warriors have been linked to Ray Allen and Jermaine O’Neal, but neither seems like a likely possibility to join the team. I do think they need more depth up front with Bogut and Festus Ezeli being hampered by injuries, so they may scour the free agent or trade market for a big man.

5) What do you expect tonight?

The Warriors are clicking on all cylinders, the Cavs aren’t. There’s no question these teams are pretty even in terms of star power, even with LeBron out, but I expect the Warriors to show more synergy and ball movement. It will certainly be interesting to watch — Curry vs. Irving, Kevin Love, Mark Jackson, the former Warriors coach, calling the game on ESPN — and hope we’ll see a good one.

What are you looking forward to in tonight’s Cavs Vs Warriors match-up?


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