LeBron James dissed by Heat, will be judged no matter what


LeBron James took his talents to a city and brought them four straight Finals appearances and two championship rings. He provided spoiled fans with one of the greatest shows in sports. He went against the wishes of his hometown to join his friends, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, in pursuit of multiple championships. That quest was successful, as he provided the Miami franchise with its best years. His old teammates, who he faced off against for the first time this past Saturday in a Brazil exhibition game, had some shade to throw his way in context of the matchup.

Bosh, Wade and Mario Chalmers all had something to say about LeBron. The two All-Stars teamed up on dissing how it really is to play with LeBron, possibly trying to get into the mind of some of the Cavaliers. Here is what Wade had to say about how it wasn’t fun to play with LeBron James last year:

"Sometimes you can put too much on yourself, all of us, and it becomes a black cloud around. Last year wasn’t fun. I mean, there was no stretch of it [that was] fun. That whole season, to me, it’s amazing we made it to the Finals. It’s just honest."

Some harsh words from a friend that LeBron did a huge favor to. Bosh also had some warning words for LeBron James’ teammates this year. Here is what Bosh said about how things are going to be for LeBron and his teammates in regards to adjusting to each other:

"You still have to go through things, you still have to figure out things on your own. It’s extremely difficult and extremely frustrating. He’s going to have to deal with that."

Chalmers, LeBron James’ point guard for the past four seasons, followed along with what Bosh was saying, but specifically was telling Kyrie that it’s going to be difficult adjust to life with LeBron. According to Chalmers he used to get scolded by LeBron, and he warned Kyrie that he is going to have to get used to that. Here is what Chalmers had to say about playing with James over the past four seasons:

"LeBron is a dominant player so if he feels like something is not going his way, he’s going to say something about it. For Kyrie, he’s going to have to adjust to that and LeBron is going to have to adjust to Kyrie."

Even after helping put together one of the most dominant, star-studded teams in NBA history and delivering two championship trophies, nothing will ever be good enough regarding the expectations that everyone has set for LeBron James. After reading and hearing about what his old teammates had to say, LeBron responded with shock. Here is what he had to say about what was coming from the Miami camp:

"I know a lot of words have been coming out of their camp as of late and some of it is surprising. We’ve got so much history together…. It doesn’t take away from what we accomplished [in Miami] and I know that."

LeBron James has been in some contact with Wade and he has spoken to Bosh once since leaving Miami, but there is no reason that there should be bad blood after the successes that those three had together. There is no way that James can make everyone happy; he has learned that the hard way. But these comments from his former Heat teammates just go to show you that there is no escaping criticism for LeBron. He’s used to this by now, and it has motivated him to the championship status he never achieved in his first go-around in Cleveland. Now, with another full arsenal of All-Star and veteran teammates, expectations will be higher, criticism will be harsher and shots will be thrown from all angles.