Cleveland Cavaliers Helping Brooklyn Nets Get Dwight Howard as Revenge Against LeBron James?


Whilst I have sat by, throwing up the contents of my stomach into the bucket next to me because of the unbearable illness that is Dwight Howard, it dawned on me that Cleveland’s rumoured involvement may have ulterior motives.

You mightn’t remember, or you may never have heard, but LeBron James used to play for Cleveland, instead choosing to leave during free agency and take his talents to South Beach to win Championships with Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat. Well, Cleveland didn’t handle it very well, and have been whinging ever since.

When the Brooklyn Nets traded for Joe Johnson, signed Gerald Wallace and added a Teletubby, it seemed all hope for acquiring the spineless Dwight Howard was to be lost. However, could Brooklyn find a third team willing to take on some of their less attractive pieces, allowing them to absorb Orlando’s bad contracts, they could still put together their dream Big 3.

Cleveland apparently are willing to be that team.

Why would they do this? Why would they help out Brooklyn? Dan Comic Sans, I mean Dan Gilbert lives in Connecticut, he doesn’t seem like a Jay-Z fan and he clearly has absolutely no style, so what appeal does he see in helping out the 112?

Do they want a new reality show surrounding Kris Kardashian, sorry Kris Humphries? Do they want to thin out the East and concentrate the talent within a handful of teams? Are they worse of a franchise than we previously thought?

All of that I believe is true, but it is not the reason.

They are doing it to hurt LeBron James.

Comic Sans insanely promised ‘the self proclaimed King wouldn’t win a championship before Cleveland did’. If they couldn’t win with the greatest player of his generation, I’m not sure how they were planning on winning without him. But because James exercised a right he had and went to a much better franchise in a much better city with a much better chance of winning a title, they turned on him. They clearly have still not let go.

A spine of Deron Williams, Joe Johnson and Dwight Howard is salivating. The two best players on the team are arguably the two best at their respective positions in the league, and are at the two very weaknesses this Heat team possesses. Howard on his own has given Miami problems. Add in an elite point guard and a top level scorer and you have a mouthwatering potential ECF showdown.

The bitter city of Cleveland were so devastated when James captured his first title about a month ago, but this could be their best chance at actively stopping an era of LeBron James championships.

You may say I am unhinged for even bringing forth this idea, but I believe you are underestimating the pettiness of Dan Gilbert. This man will stop at nothing to make James’ life a living hell, as he successfully did through LeBron’s Cavs career giving him teammates like Larry Hughes and Antawn Jamison.

The Cavaliers really are getting nothing out of this, other than exposure for being a part of the most overdue, insufferable trade saga in recent memory.

But if it furrows James’ brow even for a second, it’ll be all worth it for Cleveland.