NBA Lockout News: The Most Interesting Jobs Of The NBA Lockout


Delonte West – Half rapper, Half Depot Man

A little less than the best of both worlds Delonte West tweeted about possibly applying for a job at the nearest Home Depot. To an Average Joe that may seem like an everyday routine, but for an NBA baller, it seems a bit out of his league. Do not expect to see him serving hot dogs outside of your local Home Depot or giving you directions in the store to the sinks and faucets. However, the other half of this baller’s personality may seem a little out of his range as well.

Yes Mr. West, no Kanye, wants to pursue a career in entertainment. Not just any form of entertainment. He wants to be a rapper. Now, as kids we all at some point thought that we had the writing skills to pull off a hip hop career. Yet, around the ages of 14 and 15, when no one spared our feelings anymore, we let those pipe dreams go and faced reality with the tools that we were actually placed on this earth with. At least the ones we had high hopes of developing anyway. Delonte does not have the given talent to put together words that leaves crowds mesmerized. Matter of fact, listening to a sample left me more so confused than anything. But, what can you say? At least he is staying busy.

Dwyane Wade – Welcome To KFC, May I Take Your Order?

Who can turn down a bucket of extra crispy from the world’s favorite Colonel? Apparently the organization thought a job offer would be just as irresistible for the Miami Heat team captain. There has been no further mention of Dwyane Wade possibly serving as an honorary captain and in turn having a donation handed over to Colonel’s Scholars in his name. Still, how radical would it have been to drive up to KFC and see Wade’s head sticking out of the window handing you your drink and asking if you would like any condiments? It would have been a thrill for anyone who appreciated the experience, but he might have come in contact with some anti-Miami fans.

Ron Artest – Knock Knock, Who’s There? Metta World Peace!

Ron Artest, thanks to his psychiatrist, gave a comedy club a small relief from his dwindling on court defense and a deeper insight to another side of his psyche. The comedic visions of Metta World Peace. The jokes were guaranteed laugh grabbers. Anyone is definitely going to get a laugh if you do a few things: humiliate yourself, ask the crowd how they are and make a dig at the African American race. We were also shortly informed of his ongoing crush on Celine Dion. Watch the video below:

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Was it entertaining? Mildly. There is nothing like watching a hooper who exudes confidence on the hardwood totally out of his element. I was impressed by how he handled himself and used his celebrity to his advantage. It was not a complete bomb. Not completely.

Andrew Bynum – In the Ring We Have….

After watching how Andrew Bynum reacted to a drive by JJ Barea in the Dallas-Los Angeles playoffs series, one would assume that the kid needed an avenue to release some pent up anger. A while back Bynum tweeted about some Two-A-Days he was enduring to get into boxing shape. On one hand, it is great that Andrew is finding a productive way to stay in shape and work on his agility and endurance. Those are two things the Lakers’ big man needs to repair if he plans on being the future of the LA dynasty.

Let’s be real about what is going on in California’s baller state of mind. The Lakers have a lot to do to return to glory and Bynum is the second biggest contributor to the reception. On the other hand, it may not be the grandest if somehow he gets injured while exploring his new career option. Of course a player could get injured doing something as simple as walking around his house, as proven by Carlos Boozer. But, the height of injury skyrockets when you speak of getting pounded in the face by a more capable opponent.