Cavaliers Drop 21st Straight


Hidy-ho, Cavs fans! It’s been a while since I last talked to you guys.

And that is a collective ‘you guys’ because I am not even sure how many people are still putting themselves through the pain, and the agony, of watching our Cavaliers go out and get romped night in and night out. Or 21 nights in and 21 nights out, I guess you could say.

It seems like almost a guarantee that every single time the Cavaliers takes the floor, they’re either going to get blown out right from the opening tip; or they’re going to hang around for two or three quarters and then get stoot-slapped in the fourth. Either of which results in a big, fat L for the Wine & Gold.

It’s frustrating. There is no two ways about it. It’s tough watching a team that was so good (during the regular season) last year turn into the worst team in all of basketball in just a matter of months. Yes, we’ve gone through stretches in which the injury bug struck, and struck hard. But, for the most part, this team loses games because of its obvious lack of talent.

As much as Dan Gilbert hates to admit it, the only real option for the Cavaliers to improve at this point is to shop their veterans in an effort to rebuild. Similar to what the Oklahoma City Thunder has done over the last few years.

There might be one name in the Cavaliers starting lineup that the average basketball fan would recognize: Antawn Jamison. And if all goes as I have hoped all season long, Jamison will be catching a flight out to Dallas (or anywhere, really) to play for a contending team in exchange for some good, young talent and/or draft picks.

Anthony Parker is another one that could possibly be shopped around at the deadline. He’s a long, athletic veteran who knows how to defend guys like Dwyane Wade and LeBron James. Maybe a team like the Orlando Magic or, again, the Dallas Mavericks would be interested in his services in exchange for some good, young talent and/or draft picks.

Do you see the common theme here?

Over the last month or so, we have seen a good bit of Christian Eyenga, Manny Harris and Samardo Samuels. I see a lot of potential in all three of those guys. Maybe not starter quality yet, but they do have a lot of potential in this league. Harris can score the basketball, as he’s poured in two 20-point performances in back-to-back nights. Christian Eyenga is freakishly athletic but he’s raw. With a little bit of work in the offseason, he could become a quality role player for the Cavaliers. Samardo Samuels, too, is very raw. But his 6-foot-9, 260 pound frame could be a huge asset in close games. He is tough and could serve as a very solid compliment to Anderson Varejao in the future.

There isn’t a whole lot to remain positive about this season. I know it just as well as you do. It’s hard keeping a positive attitude when talking about a team that’s lost 21 consecutive games – a majority of which have come by double digits. But there are a few bright spots for the Cavaliers this season. And with a little help from the draft this year (Jared Sullinger anyone?), Cleveland could make a step in the right direction.

Keep the faith, Believeland.