Cavaliers Drop Eighth Straight to Raptors


I have returned from the Big Easy, Cavs fans. I am back home, safe and sound, after braving the streets of New Orleans for Tuesday night’s Pig Roast. Buckeye style.

I will say, prior to this week, I had absolutely nothing against the Arkansas Razorbacks. They were just another team from the Southeastern Conference playing in a BCS bowl against our Buckeyes. But after spending a solid three

days with those hogs – no pun intended – I have a newfound hatred for the Razorback fans. If I don’t ever hear Pig Soooie again, it will be too soon. I’m still not even sure what it means. But at week’s end, Jim Tressel and his band of scarlet and grey left Nawlins with their first ever bowl victory over an SEC opponent. Pig sooie that! In fact, I took it into my own hands to warn the hogs before the game that they, in fact, should fear nothing more than they Fear the Vest.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m doing my best to put off talking about the Cavaliers. With another loss last night – their eighth straight – and Daniel Gibson sitting the upcoming five game road trip out, the Wine & Gold are well on their way to 13 consecutive losses. Let me put this in to perspective: The Cavaliers are in very real danger of losing more than half the number of games in a row (13) than they lost in all of last season (21).

In fewer words (and in honor of New Orleans, Louisiana): The 2010-11 Cleveland Cavaliers bleaux.

And now 35 games into the season, I have yet to say a bad thing about Coach Byron Scott. Truth be told, I like the guy. It is obvious that he is an incredible coach and an even better leader for this team. But, like Mike Brown, he seems to be struggling with making adjustments.

Time after time, game after game, we have had to sit and watch the opponents knock down open three pointers. Heck, the last place three point shooting team – the Raptors – shot nearly 70 percent from long range last night. And the Orlando Magic nailed 19 three balls just a couple weeks ago. 19 three balls. At some point, you’ve got to make an adjustment and put a hand in somebody’s face.

At the beginning of the season, I watched games and consistently found myself thinking, “Dang, it seems like every team we play is on fire. We can’t catch a break.” But as the year has progressed, it is becoming increasingly evident that the Cavaliers’ defense is awful. Individual defense is poor. And team defense is even worse. There is no rotation. No help. No nothing. And that is why our team is 8-27 on the season and 19 games under .500.

And the bad news just keeps on coming. Daniel Gibson will not even travel with the Cavaliers as they hit the road for a five game road trip out west. Like I said, that puts Cleveland in very real danger of losing 13 consecutive games. Very real danger.

The only bright spot to these last few games has been Antawn Jamison. Stretch-4 has played an incredible brand of basketball on the offensive end, moving his season average to 16.1 points per game. However, his defensive effort is as bad as his offensive effort is good. I just hope he keeps putting up big numbers so Chris Grant can ship him to a contender for some good, young talent. We can only hope.

There isn’t a whole lot to be positive about for Cavaliers fans these days. But keep on keepin’ on Cleveland, Ohio.

All together, Cleveland.