KJG’s 2009 NBA Free Agent Preview: Guards


Starting at 11:45pm tomorrow night, NBA teams will begin talking to NBA free agents. This year’s offseason is one of the most crucial one’s ever for not only the Cavs but also every other team in the NBA. As many of us Cavs fans know 2010 will be the infamous “Summer of Lebron”, where King James has the opportunity to opt out of his contract. Many teams are preparing for the “Summer of Lebron” by trying to free up cap space in order to make a run at Lebron James in 2010 while still trying to improve their team this year. The Cavs are in a sticky situation here. Cleveland’s main priority is to resign Lebron James next season and to do that many believe the Cavaliers must win an NBA championship this upcoming season.

To do just that, Cleveland will have to bring in some new players while trying to use as little cap space as possible. So who are some of the players we might be seeing in wine in gold this upcoming season? I’m about to tell you.

What I like : Green is a young guy, only 23 yrs old, and the sky is the limit with this kid. Green’s 6’8 frame and ability to elevate over defenders allows Green to be able to hit from pretty much anywhere on the floor. Green also has the ability to become a good perimeter defender with his lateral quickness and decent wingspan. I think that with the proper mentoring (Lebron) and coaching Green could be a quality bench player for the Cavs.

What I dislike: Even though Green has the ability to hit from pretty much anywhere, he tends to still take bad shots. Green has poor practice habits and attitude, but with a good mentor Green should be able to improve this. The biggest thing Green needs to improve, like most young players, is his understanding of the game. He needs to know when to drive or when to pull up a jumper, when to take the shot or pass the ball.

What I like: Jones is a pure defender, he loves to clog up the paint or step into a passing lane. His size and athleticism gives Jones the ability to be one of the better defenders in the league. He still needs to develop the tenacity and toughness to be an elite perimeter defender in the NBA. When it comes down to it, this kid is a straight up hustler and can finish on the breakaway. He rarely takes a play off and can be seen sprinting down the court.

What I don’t like: Although Jones is a great defender, he lacks the touch on the offensive side of the ball. Jones is a weak shooter and tends to drive to the basket. This wouldn’t be a problem if Jones could finish in traffic. His tendency to turn the ball over is a bit scary.

Anthony Parker, Guard.
Anthony Parker, Guard. /

What I like: Parker is a terrific all around player. He can play both sides of the ball with ease. His defense is one of the better ones in the NBA. His quickness and agility allows him to step into passing lanes and play lock down D on the perimeter. Parker doesn’t have the best size but what he lacks in size he makes up in smarts. His offense is just as good if not better than is defense. Parker has a beautiful shot and can hit from just about anywhere. His ball handling isn’t the greatest but he likes to play off the ball. He’s a good passer and rarely turns the ball over.

What I don’t like: Parker is a bit older than most of Cleveland’s potential signings at 33, and some fear that Parker could lose a step on defense.