About KJG

About KJG

Welcome to King James Gospel, your place for all things NBA.

This isn’t all about LeBron, it’s all about the NBA. King James has changed the league and the perception of the NBA today. He’s re-written the book passed down from Wilt Chamberlain, Magic and Bird and “His Airness” Michael Jordan. We’re just here to pass along the story.

As a staff, KJG will strive to bring the most comprehensive basketball news, opinion and analysis from across the NBA. Whether it’s the Eastern Conference, Western Conference or anywhere in between, we will hit all the hot topics, keeping you in the loop on what is happening around the league and why you need to hear about it.

If there’s a thunderous dunk, a key trade or a hot pickup, you’ll see it here first. Now sit back and enjoy the show.

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