Mar 30, 2014; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Mike Brown watches in the first quarter against the Indiana Pacers at Quicken Loans Arena. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Brown fired (again) as head coach of the Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers decided to officially promote interim general manager David Griffin to GM on May 12. During Griffin’s stint as GM he brought in center Spencer Hawes via a well-executed trade, as the team ended the season with a 17-16 mark. Another move, made in the opposite direction of the Griffin announcement, also came on this particularly gloomy Monday in Cleveland. Storms lined the coast of Lake Erie, but the biggest one was brewing in the Cavaliers media room. It came in the form of a press conference announcing bringing Griffin on board and released Mike Brown from his head coaching duties. Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports made the announcement public with this tweet:

After one season, in which Brown coached the team to a 33-49 record (good for 10th place in the Eastern Conference, the Cavs ownership decided to end his second stint with the Cavs. Brown holds the best winning percentage (62.0 percent) among Cavaliers coaches in franchise history. On April 24, 2013 of last year the Cavs brought Brown on board again after firing him three years prior, giving him a deal costing $20 million-plus over five years. Those five years were shortened, most likely because of the team’s porous start and a third straight season without playoffs. Cavs owner Dan Gilbert had this to say about the firing of Brown:

This is a very tough business. It pains all of us here that we needed to make the difficult decision of releasing Mike Brown. Mike worked hard over this last season to move our team in the right direction. Although, there was some progress from our finish over the few prior seasons, we believe we need to head in a different direction. We wish Mike and his family nothing but the best.

It’s important to note that Chris Grant, who was fired as GM during the 2013-14 season, was in charge of bringing Brown back on board. With Grant now out of the picture and Griffin in the driver’s seat, the Cavs will try to start over new again with a somewhat different regime. Griffin will now be at the head of free agency and drafting duties, something that Grant struggled with immensely during his four years as general manager. Griffin will also be in charge of conducting the search for Cleveland’s new head coach and will make the ultimate decision in that search. A few names have already surfaced as candidates for the job: 

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  • Letterman007

    Alvin Gentry, Mark Jackson,the Gundy’s , there will be a few people in line for interviews. Should be interesting, just get one that know offense and defense and will hold players accountable for their play in games and on the practice court! Someone strong enough to stand up to these players and I mean Kyrie and Dion and ALL !!

    • Keith B McGlothin

      All the guys mentioned have been fired from teams that have had far more talent. Jackson has NO INTEREST here, why would he? The same thing that happened to him in GS, he’s seen happen to Brown here, TWICE. Van Gundy has NO INTEREST in Cleveland, lets be honest, not many coaches do, especially those considered top tier. This just ISN’T a desired destination.

      I don’t view Gentry or Hollins as upgrades over Brown, maybe D’Antonio will come in and interview, he wasn’t an upgrade over Brown in LAL. While they may be stronger offensive coaches, they struggled defensively. You also have to look at style of play, team strengths, and most importantly personnel. Memphis had size, presence, and scoring in the post, with Randolph and Gasol.

      Browns took Irving off the ball, and started Jack with him in the backcourt, with Waiters coming off the bench… It doesn’t get much stronger than that… and he won 9 more games…

      • Letterman007

        You mention a lot of people you don’t seem to want, but I don’t see anyone you do want! First I must caution you, there will be different players on this team, as a shake up is coming. I wouldn’t be surprised to see even Irving gone as they will not offer him the max deal as he has not turned into the team leader they want!! Even if they keep him others will be dealt away to help this team.
        I don’t know who they’ll get to coach and I’m sure they will be turned down by a few. But whoever he is will be working with different players as this group just didn’t mesh together as a team!

  • Thurstian Tsui

    Mike Brown continues to show an inability to create an effective offense. Sets continue to look the same from Lebron to Kobe to Kyrie, he lets them run free and either iso ball or just run a simple pick and roll top, this worked well with Lebron because he is a good distributor and can set up his teammates to score. Kyrie is young and doesn’t have the same ability, furthermore, on a young team, it’s imperative that they be put into a system where they can be given easy scoring chances or at least a set system to run.

    Despite Mike Brown’s defensive focus, the Cavs still weren’t productive on defense because of their inability to defend the 3 against other teams. Brown makes his players run ice but isn’t able to make sure his bigs consistently play it right instead they frequently help too much and try to hedge or they stay in the middle and neither help aggressively nor stay home.

    I was against Mike Brown’s hiring especially given the youth of our team, last year was not a great year for the Cleveland franchise.

    • Keith B McGlothin

      The Cavs improved under Brown on the defensive end, just because Brown is the head coach, doesn’t mean he;s the offensive coach, wasn’t that Bickerstaff? Sets LOOK the same,because the team was constructed the same way. Much the way the team was perimeter based with LeBron, ie spreading the floor, allowing him to drive and kick, the same was basically done for Irving. Scott attempted to force feed his Princeton offense with no success, and then it was spread the floor with shooters, and put the ball in the hands of Irving.

      Its not the fault of Brown that this team, how this team has been constructed post-LeBron,has serious flaws. They;ve had this infatuation with a damn stretch 4, for how long now? You see a few teams that may have one, and so to be successful, the Cavs have to have one. The Cavs lack post scoring and presence, its not that they don’t have guys that are capable, they just don’t get opportunities.

      The key area the Cavs improved in was on the defensive end. The went from the bottom, up to the middle or better. That says a lot on a team that played NO DEFENSE in year 1.I do agree with you on the bigs chasing the ball around the perimeter, I would prefer them protecting the basket and help in the lanes. The Cav guards seem to always be in a trail position, as if they’re COUNTING on, DEPENDING on perimeter help being there. Take more RESPONSIBILITY for the man in front of you.

      I think Brown, was positioning himself to make substantial gains next season. Scott had done absolutely NOTHING in 3 seasons, Year 2 was SUPPOSED to be his big turnaround, THEN it was year 2 in the lottery, THEN it was, something else, that eventually got old and tired, and got him fired. Scott was NEVER an upgrade, and NEVER the right coach for this team.

      I say this was the PERFECT team for Brown, a young team, basically rebuilding from the core, without a player that was seemingly bigger than the team and organization. You say this was not a great year for the Cleveland franchise, and that MAY be the case,. but PRIOR to this year, they’ve been AWFUL. Eliminated from the playoffs by mid-January. NEVER won more than 24 games, Brown comes in this year, and goes +9, while getting ABSOLUTELY nothing from this past draft.