NBA Power Rankings: Week One

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The start of a new NBA season is like the start of a great novel, one of Tolkien proportions as the league’s main characters all begin a long journey to discovering who they are as they race towards a common goal.

The best players are all figuring out where they stand, teams are finding their identities and the pecking order is still to be established as new fan-favorites emerge like Phoenix’s from the ashes.

Last week’s Power Rankings were based off an amalgamation of their offseason moves, preseason performances and my assessment of where each team would stand as the season get underway. This week and from now on, I’ll be focusing on the seven days of basketball since the last edition of the Rankings. We’ve also included the Offensive and Defensive Ratings of each team. This is a simple measure of how many points are scored/allowed by a team per 100 possessions.

With the formalities out of the way, let’s get down and dirty with the Power Rankings after a bizarre week in the association.

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