11 NBA Players Ready For A Breakout Season

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February 1, 2013; Denver, CO, USA; New Orleans Hornets forward Anthony Davis (23) warms up before the game against the Denver Nuggets at the Pepsi Center. The Nuggets won 113-98. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Every year the NBA hands out several unscientific popularity contest tinged awards, Sixth Man of the Year, Coach of the Year, MVP, Rookie of the Year and maybe the most interesting award of all, the Most Improved Player Award. Often the Most Improved Player is given to a player that increased their scoring total by a hefty amount (like Monta Ellis when he infamously beat out Kevin Martin) or in other cases, to a player that has already crested their peak, like Hedo Turkoglu, who won the award on the strength of his playmaking on a suddenly exciting and dominant Orlando Magic team. Sadly, they can’t award everyone who deserves it, because each year several players break away from the pack, planting their flags in our hearts and putting the NBA on alert, daring us fans to remember their names. Here is a list of players that seem likely to have breakout seasons next year, running the gamut of speedy guards, tweener forwards, and intimidating big men, arranged in no particular order, except possibly some subliminal order I am now going to attempt to figure out.

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