Steve Nash Keen to Join New York Knicks in 2013, Why Not Miami Heat?

Amare Stoudemire is in New York. Mike D’Antoni (at least for the time being, although I cannot understand why) is in New York.

The only thing that is missing from this no.1 seed Pheonix Suns reunion is Steve Nash and perhaps Steve Kerr, although that dude annoys me despite looking pretty cool in the LMFAO beer commercial.

Anyways, Steve Nash has been long regarded as one of the top point guards in the game. In my opinion he is one of the greatest point guards of all time, and perhaps more deserving of anyone in the league right now of a championship ring.

He has long been underrated because of his, at times, tendencies to be a defensive liability, and also because he is caucasian, but I think what he brings to his team far outweighs any negativity. I still think he is in the top 4 of PURE point guards in the NBA. By that I mean Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Rajon Rondo, rather than Derrick Rose, John Wall and Russell Westbrook. Nash is obviously past his prime and much older than the aforementioned three, and certainly not as good as them all around, but I want my point guard to be a pure point guard and Nash is certainly more of that than either of that young threesome.

His leadership is priceless, he is a perennial 40, 50, 90 guy (3pt %, FG%, FT%), he is as clutch as they come and there have been perhaps 1 or 2 that can distribute a ball like Steve Nash.

If you want to see arguably the greatest assist of all time, YouTube Nash’s pass to Grant Hill. I couldn’t find a non-grainy version of the video to post, but see if you can find one, it’s worth it.

Nash has spoken in the past of his admiration for both the city of New York and the franchise that is the Knicks, admitting the interest was real when on Letterman in 2009. He was asked of his future beyond the Suns yesterday, as he is off contract following this current season.

Nash confirmed this again following his team’s win over the Knicks in MSG yesterday.

“Of course, it’s no secret.

It’s is the basketball capital of the world. I live here in the summer, I have a lot of friends here and my former coach and teammate play here, so it’s a homecoming in some ways for me and it’s always fun to play here.”

Whilst Nash will turn 38 next month, he has no plans to hang up the sneakers any time soon.

“I bet I can play a long time, depending on what role. I physically feel about as good as I’ve ever felt, so I don’t see any reason why I couldn’t play at this level for a couple more years.

It just becomes harder work. It’s a full-time job to stay at this level physically and to recover but as far as just playing in the league, I think I can play for a long time.”

Presumably, at least given New York’s cap room, Nash would sign for either the mid level exception or the veteran’s minimum. That would mean he would be eligible for just about every team.

The Heat have been linked with Nash ever since LeBron and co. took their talents to South Beach, and he was identified as perhaps the man to lead them to their plethora of championships. That has been impossible with his current contract with the Suns, but now he is available for next to nothing, the speculation can continue.

Mario Chalmers is blossoming into the player they thought he would be coming out of Kansas, and is the undisputed starting point guard for Miami. His defense is solid and his three point shooting is invaluable, and his job has been made that much easier following the drafting of sensational rookie Norris Cole. Cole received MVP chants on his way to a 15 point fourth quarter helping Miami escape against Charlotte early in the year, and has quickly become a cult hero and a fan favourite. Together they combine for about 25 points and 8 assists per game, as good as any point guard in the NBA.

Because of the growth of these two, the need for Nash is certainly less than it was a year ago, however who is going to turn down the opportunity for Steve Nash if it comes knocking on your door. Not Pat Riley.

Certainly it seems Nash has a greater fondness for NYC, and would be a greater addition to the woefully confused Knicks than the Heat, but imagine what Nash could do with LeBron, Wade and Bosh. He may only play 20 minutes a night, but he’d be putting up 20 assists in that time.


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