Hugh Douglas Rips LeBron James for Mocking Steve Johnson Who Mocked Plaxico Burress

I think Hugh Douglas has had a bit of an embarrassing moment. I would go further to say he had an extremely stupid and overwhelmingly ignorant moment.

The ESPN NFL analyst recently hammered LeBron James over the leaked video of his touchdown celebration of a pick six in his recent flag football match against Kevin Durant.

Steve Johnson has gone from hero to villain the past week, proceeding to mock Plaxico Burress when the Bills and Jets played in New York last weekend.

Whilst no one argues the stupidity of Burress in that particular moment, you wouldn’t expect a fellow player, a fellow African American player and a fellow wide receiver to go out and mock another in such as classless and offensive way. Steve Johnson is a young and very talented receiver, but is beginning to create a real negative aura around him and the fact he reacted like this then went on to drop several big catches including a potential game winning touchdown, certainly suggests he is going to need to do a lot of work to get out of this one.

Burress reacted calmly and said it did not bother him, but no one was buying that.

James is, at least to me, well known to be a friend of many Plaxico Burress and openly a big supporter of the guy. I am not sure if he has any relationship but Steve Johnson but he is regularly involved in the politics of the NFL.

When James intercepted a pass against Durant’s team earlier this week and returned it for a touchdown he proceeded to imitate Johnson’s touchdown celebration. To the naive, the ignorant, the uninformed, the bias and the stupid, this would have seemed like James was copying Johnson in mocking Burress.

In reality, as I said, James is a friend and a fan of Burress, he is much more aware of the ramifications of his actions and the last thing he is going to do is mock another controversial professional athlete, especially one that had spent time behind bars. Call him whatever you want but he just would not do that, and Hugh Douglas is clearly one of the millions of sheep that have joined this LeBron James hate bandwagon.

“How about this, because that’s what you did in the Finals. First and foremost, why don’t you learn how to play your game first instead of worrying about somebody else’s?”

“That really bothered me making fun of Plaxico Burress. This man got shot and went to jail.”

“Plaxico Burress played in the Super Bowl and he got a ring. Get a ring first before you talk about anybody, bottom line.”

Those were the three tweets Douglas tweeted upon seeing the video.

Why is it every time LeBron makes a comment everyone shoots him down because he hasn’t won a championship? That doesn’t even make sense? LeBron James makes a comment on something to do with the NFL and everyone screams at him to win a championship before he can open his mouth. So apparently freedom of speech is limited to those who have won championships. If so then I can think of at least 100 names of the top of my head that should be addressed much earlier than LeBron James.

But basically this was a complete overreaction from Douglas who clearly has no idea what he is talking about and has made it blatantly clear that he is part of the flock of sheep that is America in the hatred of LeBron James. You are all the same, you all have the same boring, recycled argument. I always love when people try to explain why they are different to the majority of haters and all the ridiculous reasons they come up with. Hugh Douglas will no doubt do the same.

You’re all the same.

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