Warren Sapp Calls LeBron James a Pretty Boy and a Loser

Warren Sapp certainly has one of the biggest mouths in America.

Up until a few weeks ago I followed him on Twitter, mostly because at times he can be funny and most importantly because he gave the Seahawks a fair go last season.

It was until a few weeks ago when I saw an episode of Punked where he made an embarrassment of himself at a restaurant. It’s always interesting to see how celebrities handle themselves in crazy situations and most of the time they do it with respect to the other people (actors) involved. Warren Sapp did not. He was extremely rude, he was extremely ignorant and he just made a complete arse of himself. It wasn’t funny, it was an eye opener into the person he truly is.

Add to that on numerous occasions he made fun of people with a real lack of class, respect and morale, he weighs in on issues that are completely irrelevant to himself and as a person that has a prominent role in the media you would expect him to present himself a lot better than he does. He did all of this over Twitter, which is why I unfollowed him. I have never unfollowed anyone.

I wanted to make this clear before some of you jump on me for being bias towards LeBron James. My mind was made up on this dude well before he said these next comments.

Some may love what he does and that is up to them, but I can’t see why you would. Respect for his career is all well and good but it’s pretty clear he is lacking where it counts.

Nonetheless his latest comments certainly have created more controversy and again I see them as disrespectful, classless and unwarranted.

“How about LeBron do one-sixth of what Jordan did, let’s see him go win a championship.

Go do that. Go see if you can conquer your sport before you come over here because them boys on defense, we like pretty boys like that. We want to split them.”

First of all I’m not sure where the Michael Jordan reference came on. The fact he brought that issue up clearly thinks there is a comparison there. I assume he means let’s see LeBron do one sixth of what Jordan did as in winning one championship, but Sapp is probably too ignorant to see Jordan was older than James is now before he won his first.

Then it seems he has taken real offence to the idea of James joining the NFL. It was a flirtation at most and more than likely James having some fun with the media, which we all appreciated, but nonetheless it was nothing other than that, fun. Sapp saw it as an insult to the game, attacking LeBron telling him to ‘conquer his own sport before you come over here’.

Can someone tell this idiot it was a joke?

Probably should mention James was a standout high school football player who had numerous scholarships to footballing programs around the country and probably could have been as successful in that sport as he has been in basketball, given his athleticism. He did play on offense so whilst the hits were obviously nothing they would be in the NFL, considering he played from an early age until he joined the NBA it’s likely he took a hit or two.

Not sure where he came up with pretty boy though. The NBA has a dress code so if he is referring to that then he is as stupid as he sounds. If he is referring to James faking an injury or something on the court I’ll ask him to cite the incident because I can give numerous on the opposite end of the argument.

To me this just looks like a bully being nothing other than a bully. Picking on someone else that is an easy target, giving cliched reasons and then to make him look just that much worse he throws in personal shot and a threat.

Good work Warren Sapp, you have completely personified and justified every negative opinion I had of you.

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