LeBron James Using Twitter to Recuit Steve Nash, Other Point Guards

It is pretty widely accepted that the two most important positions on the court are the point guard and center roles. A dominant big man combined with an organising, playmaking point guard will immediately have you as a contender, regardless of the rest of the roster.

It is in that reason that it is rather interesting as to why the Heat were so good last year, but also why they were so bad.

They mainly got by on the talent of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, and the occasional re-emergence of Toronto’s Chris Bosh, but were constantly shuffling the crucial center and point guard positions, which greatly contributed to the failure in the Finals.

Mario Chalmers and Carlos Arroyo shared the starting point guard role for Miami, but neither were convincing. Arroyo was let go as Chalmers began to evolve into the player they thought he would be coming out of Kansas, but his rock solid defense and consistent outside shooting were overshadowed by his clear inability to lead the playmaking and control the team. This was obviously not as important given Wade and LeBron were on the court to do the majority of that, but it’s still unnatural and unhealthy to have the 2 and 3 largely operating the entirety of the team.

Ilgauskas, Dampier, Anthony, Haslem and Howard all started games at center. Their minutes were pretty regularly shuffled between the five. Towards the end of the season it became clear Dampier and Anthony were the favoured options given their greater defensive ability, and Haslem for his leadership once he returned from injury. Yet neither Dampier nor Anthony offered anything in terms of offense and Haslem is rather undersized and not nearly as effective at playing center.

The problems were clear.

LeBron James has taken to Twitter to attempt to solve some of Miami’s positional troubles. He started at the top:

Maybe @SteveNash in a Heat uni! So we can help each other get our 1st ring

He then went a fair bit lower, but a bit more street:

Would love to see @JCrossover in a Heat uni! What u guys say?

The second was Jamal Crawford, incase you missed that.

Can’t say Crawford would be the answer, he would simply be another chef added to potentially spoil the broth.

Nash on the other hand…well need it be said.

He is the best pure offensive point guard the NBA has seen in a very long time. He is by far the best passing point guard of his generation, perhaps ever. His leadership is unquestioned, his (I hate this criteria but everyone always talks about it so I guess I should mention it) clutchness is as good as point guard in the league, he is one of very, very, very few players who shoot 90%+ from the line, 40%+ from 3 and 50%+ from the field.

Steve Nash alongside LeBron James and Dwyane Wade would be unfair. Straight up unfair. Down right unfair.


Whilst his defense has been questioned, Dallas showed last year that defense doesn’t necessarily win championships, and what Nash brings to the Heat faaaaaar outweighs anything he takes away.

Still I can’t see it happening. He loves Pheonix, he is under contract and due way too much money for Miami, especially given what is expected to be a much reduced salary cap. Nash is probably the most deserving veteran of a ring, now Dirk and Kidd have finally earnt theirs, so it would be a great situation for him and few would be upset about it happening, other than the haters who do not want to see them win. I am sure he will help improve the image of the franchise.

LeBron’s twitter account has caused a severe ruckus over the past few weeks, flirting with the NFL, being crucified for supporting Tebow and now recruiting Steve Nash.

How grateful we all are for Twitter.

How grateful we all are for LeBron James

Well….most of us….

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