10 Reasons Why LeBron Will Stay in Cleveland

The NBA preseason will be kicking off in just over a month, and the biggest story in the NBA is still the expiring contract of LeBron James. The media is in a frenzy as they try to solve the puzzle of where the King will call home in 2010. Luckily, this blogger has already solved that puzzle. Here’s 10 reasons that helped me solve it:

10. It’s all about the Benjamins. Simply put, the Cavaliers can offer more money than any other team, and they will. The Cavaliers can offer a 6 year/ $133 Mil contract compared to $102 Mil over 5 years from any other NBA team. Bottomline, LeBron hopes of being the first billionaire athlete, money talks.

9. Free Agent Attraction. There are three things that mainly factor into a players decision when it comes to signing a contract. Money, Winning, and Talent. I don’t see money being a problem here. It’s not uncommon for players to take a pay cut in order to be on a winning team, and Cleveland is getting to be very good at just that. Not to mention the thought of playing with the best player in the NBA doesn’t become very appetizing.

8. Talent. The Cavaliers were just chosen as the favorite to win the East by ESPN. James has one of the best supporting casts being complimented by fomer All-Stars Mo Williams, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, and Shaquille O’Neal. There’s no way LeBron is going to abandon these guys to go play with Eddy Curry, Darko Milicic, and Larry Hughes.

7. We’re in a Recession. Which means only one thing, NBA teams are losing money. The salary cap is expected to decline in 2010 leaving most teams without enough money to sign both LeBron and another max free agent. Unless Miami or Chicago completely disembles their teams, the chances of LeBron signing is very unlikely.

6. 2011 offseason. Going back to reason 7, the Cavaliers might not have the money to sign another All-Star free agent in 2010. Luckily, the Cavaliers have enough talent to make it through the 2010 season without signing another max free agent. In this case the Cavaliers will look to the 2011 free agent class. With both Z’s and Shaq’s contracts expiring in 2010 the Cavaliers could have the cap space to make a run at the 2011 free agents which include Carmelo Anthony, Yao Ming, Pau Gasol, Tony Parker, Caron Butler, and David West.

5. Dan Gilbert. Dan Gilbert LOVES LeBron James, and is willing to do pretty much anything in order to make him happy, including paying the luxury tax. Meaning that every dollar the Cavaliers go over the salary cap, Dan Gilbert will have to pay that amount to the NBA.

4. Lebron’s Legacy. Every great NBA player has their own legacy, Jordan in Chicago, Magic in LA, and Larry in Boston. LeBron’s legacy could be one of the most heroic legacies in NBA history if he were to remain a Cavalier. I think everyone is aware that LeBron has made the Cavaliers what they are today, and winning a championship will be icing on the cake.

3. The Fans. The Cavaliers have some of the best fans in the league. Cavs fans cheer louder and harder than any other sports fans in the NBA. Every time LeBron throws one down or drains a shot from beyond the arc you can here “M-V-P” from every fan in Quicken Loans Arena, making for a lot of people LeBron would piss off if he were to leave.

2. Winning. You’re parents lied to you when you they told you “Winning isn’t everything”. If winning isn’t everything then why the hell do we keep score? This is something that LeBron has come to terms with quite well. James is a competitor and unless he has the chance to play alongside Kobe, he doesn’t have a better chance at winning then he does in Cleveland.

1. O-H-I-O. LeBron loves him some Ohio. If there’s one thing LeBron loves more than winning it’s Akron, OH. He’s proud to be from Akron, Hell he even has it tattooed to his arm. If his ink doesn’t show his love then certainly his contribution to the area has. Over the years LeBron has worked with Nike to refurbish school gyms, hand out backbacks to under priviledged children, and donate new uni’s to St. Vincent-St. Mary and Akron U basketball team. You can even find the city of Akron featured on the side of LeBron’s new shoe.

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  • http://fullyclips.com Short White Boy

    I’m with you that I think the King’ll likely stay. I actually just wrote about what’ll influence him, Wade, Bosh & Stat as to where they’ll go(http://fullyclips.com/2009/08/31/where-lebron-james-dwayne-wade-chris-bosh-amare-stoudamire-will-end-up/). However, the only reasons of yours that I completely agree will sway him are #s 2, 4, 5 & 7.

    I don’t buy #1 ‘cuz he’s got his Yankee fandom and even recently said how he loves Akron but not necessarily all of Ohio.
    #3 – were y’all the best fans when the core of the team was Ricky Davis? LeBron brings out the fan in everyone.
    #6 – as you mention Shaq & Big Z come off the books in 2010 not 2011, however since the Cavs are so far over the cap already, they can only sign 1 big free agent (hopefully it’ll be the King). In 2011, the only significant contract coming off the books is Delonte West, so the Cavs’ll only have about $5 mill to sign a free agent. All those big guns you mention are too early in their career to want to take such a huge paycut to win a championship.
    #8 – yes the Cavs have more talent than the Knicks (hell, a bunch of grade schoolers have more talent than the Knicks), but if you take LeBron out of the equation, I honestly think the Cavs would struggle just to make the playoffs.
    #9 – players are willing to take a pay cut to play with LeBron, not to go to Cleveland. If he changes cities, those players will take the pay cut in the new city.
    #10 – from what I’ve heard, if LeBron were to move to a big, big, major market city (basically probably just NY or LA), he’d be able to make even more $ from sponsors. So that’d even out the loss in salary (or possibly more than make up for it). However, I’m not sure how much I believe that, so probably you are actually right with this one.

    Good writing.

  • http://kingjamesgospel.com MK Snyder

    LeBron didn’t build that big ass house in akron for no reason. He intends to stay. He loves this place. He may love NY but who the hell doesn’t? Being from Ohio I can understand why he doesn’t like Ohio very much.

    Second of all, I can’t speak for everyone, but i was just as much of a cavs fan when Ricky Davis was leading the team in scoring as I am today.

    I was mistaken about Z’s contract, however the cavs should still be able to make a big signing. The contracts of Parker, West, Jackson, and Powe are all set to expire in 2011. That should give the cavs plenty of room to make a signing.

    As for LeBron moving to New York for bigger marketing, is a bunch of BS. Most of the top athletes in the world based on endorsement income aren’t even based in New York. Peyton Manning is based in Indianapolis, a city with a smaller metropolitan population than Cleveland. Same with Orlando, where Tiger Woods is based. Brett Favre is an icon, and he played in quite possibly the smallest American pro sports market: Green Bay, Wisconsin.

    On top of that, this is a guy who is already Nike’s highest-paid basketball player — yes, ahead of L.A.-based Kobe Bryant. Nike, an Oregon-based company, didn’t even wait to see which team James would play for before pouring a nine-figure contract on him straight out of high school. He has hosted Saturday Night Live and made an appearance on David Letterman, both New York-based shows. He even hosted the ESPY’s in Los Angeles.

    People may not know who the Cleveland Cavaliers are, but most across the world who stay in touch with news know LeBron James’ name very well. He doesn’t need New York for marketing. If anything, his next step as far as marketing goes would be to expand his name globally, and the Cavs’ decision to bring in a Chinese investment group as part owners will go a long way in opening the doors to the Far East market.

    When it all comes down to it LeBron still stays.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  • http://fullyclips.com Short White Boy

    Yeah, I agree with you that LeBron moving to NY for bigger marketing does sound like bull. That’s what people have been saying, but it sounds far-fetched to me in this day & age. And like you, I also totally think the move to bring in the Chinese investment group actually WILL help him make buckets more $ (incredibly savvy move by Dan Gilbert).

  • http://fansided.com Zach

    I am not sure why he would go to NY especially if he can’t get Wade there too. I am expecting him to stay in Cleveland…

  • http://www.tattoodesignshop.com Victorina Indest

    Great site! I love tattoos and have a few myself.

  • Paul

    And he’s gone…