Artest to the Lakers, Ariza to the Rockets, and Sheed to the Celtics. Now What?

If the Cavs front office was more worried about making Shaq feel warm and fuzzy then going after free agents today, then they might have missed out on some of the biggest free agents this summer has to offer. Today the Lakers, Rockets, and Celtics all made potential moves that could cost Danny Ferry and the Cavs dearly. Ron Artest is headed to the Lakers, making the defending champs even more deadly; Trevor Ariza has gave a verbal commitment to the Rockets; and Rasheed Wallace was being courted by the big three in Boston.

Most thought the Cavs would bring in at least one of these three after losing out on Charlie Villanueva the day before. Now the Cavs might have to go after lesser talent with their MLE. Owner Dan Gilbert was supposedly ready to make a big splash once free agents could start talking with teams, but so far he has only had time to buy Shaq a pair of boots. Lets hope the Cavs start making some moves.

How many of you are worried that the Cavs have already missed out on some big name free agents?

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