Grade the Trade: Cavaliers go all-in for veteran star wing in brash new proposal

Should the Cavaliers complete a missed 2017 trade opportunity this summer?
Cleveland Cavaliers v Los Angeles Clippers
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Laying out the details

Given George's $48.8 million player option this summer, the Cavaliers could not acquire him without surrendering one of their core four players. With Mitchell off the board, Swartz wrote the Cavs could offer Darius Garland. Since the Cavs' season ended, Garland's future has been in question with rumors that his agent Rich Paul could request a trade for Garland if Mitchell does sign the extension to give Garland a chance to regain his All-Star momentum from 2022.

PG to Cleveland

Swartz did not build a full mock trade for George and Garland, but he mentioned that to match salaries, Cleveland would have to add another player and named Georges Niang as a suitable option.

While most superstar blockbuster trades include a long, exhaustive list of draft compensation being sent in return, this deal based on Swartz's work sends none in either direction. Trading George this summer cannot be an option for the Clippers if they do not receive another exciting star player in return. As the Clips finally build their own arena away from the Lakers in LA, they likely want to have a core of players worth paying to see instead of the hope of good future draft picks.

Thus, the Clippers could find themselves seriously considering Garland as a long-term All-Star to lead LA into their next generation. While Kawhi Leonard is still the face of the franchise, once he retires, they currently have no real star power to attract fans. Garland, though, changes that. The league saw the potential that Garland brings in his breakout season. If George has his mind set on moving on from a failed experiment in LA, then the Clippers should look at this offer as potentially their best option.

On the inverse, can the Cavaliers afford to trade Garland for a player 10 years older with injury questions?