Kevin Durant is having trouble remembering the 2017 NBA Finals between Cavs, Dubs

Kevin Durant, along with most superstars in the NBA today are straight up mercenaries. At this point, it’s just so common in the NBA that fans don’t care much anymore. Even so, it is pretty clear that Kevin Durant’s decision to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder and join the Warriors after the Cleveland Cavaliers beat them in the 2016 NBA Finals, was the most cowardice move in recent memory.

About a month after the Warriors came back from a 3-1 deficit to defeat Durant’s Thunder in 2016, he just decided to jump ship. It was a spineless move, and ultimately will become part of his legacy.

However, I can look past that. Durant is probably the best player in the NBA right now. He’s had a great career, and has two championship rings. While those championships did come while he was playing for probably the greatest team in NBA History, he still won them.

So as a fan, I respect Durant as one of the greatest players in the NBA over the last decade. Albeit today, I lost a lot of respect for him (as h/t NBA Retweet and Bally Sports NBA reporter Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson).

Durant is having trouble remembering the 2017 NBA Finals between the Cavs and Dubs.

Kevin Durant has thin skin, it’s a well known fact. In the past he’s gone after fans and his critics through social media. It was funny at first, then it just became sad. The man clearly needs everyone around him to like him, so this is no different really.

Even with being well known, this may be one of the most outlandish things I’ve ever seen on social media. Period.

Saying the Cavs and Warriors 2017 NBA Finals was an even matchup is blasphemy. It’s comparable to Nick Saban telling people that Alabama’s Week 2 matchup with Mercer is going to be a close and hard-fought game. It’s just simply not true.

The 2017 Warriors are the best team assembled in well over a decade. After an NBA record-setting season in which they went 73-9, and beat Durant and OKC in the Western Conference Finals, and narrowly lost to the Cavs in the NBA Finals (thanks some to Kyrie Irving’s legendary shot), Durant joined the Warriors in Oakland. They steamrolled through the Western Conference to the NBA Finals where they beat the Cavs 4-1 to win the title.

Now, the Cavs were no slouches themselves, as they still had Irving, LeBron James and Kevin Love. However, they were no match for the Warriors, and deep down inside, Durant knows that.

The Warriors had two of the top three players in the NBA on that team, in Durant and Curry. On top of that Draymond Green, who was the NBA’s Defensive Player of the Year in 2017, was also on the squad. Klay Thompson, who at the time, was arguably a top-15 player in the league, was another starter on that team. And the Finals were not even remotely even, and the scores show that.

In the Warriors’ four wins, they beat the Cavaliers by an average of 13.8 points per game. So, no the playing field was in no way even.

At this point I almost just have to give Durant credit. He can’t help himself from pumping up his own ego on social media. Now, Durant did have a great NBA Finals in 2017, winning the MVP. But it’s laughable to think the two teams were even. Maybe after the Phoenix Suns or Milwaukee Bucks win the title this year, Durant will just ship there. I mean why not? There’s obviously a hint of sarcasm, but he’s done it his entire career, so perhaps he’d find a way.

KD will be remembered as a great player, and he will rightfully be in the Hall of Fame. Although, next to his name it should have a short note: Always took the easy road.

Thanks Kevin, I needed the laugh today!