Cleveland Cavaliers: George Hill is the perfect PG to play alongside LeBron James

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The Cleveland Cavaliers brought in four players. All were 25, except George Hill, who might be the perfect point guard to play alongside LeBron James.

After playing in one game as a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers, it’s obvious the Cavs new starting point guard, George Hill, will be a special addition. He joins former teammate Rodney Hood and new teammates Larry Nance Jr. and Jordan Clarkson as the four players brought over on the day of the trade deadline.

While these four players all serve unique purposes, Hill certainly seems like the best fit alongside superstar and MVP-candidate LeBron James.

Although not a superstar like Kyrie Irving, Hill brings several intangibles to the table, and it shows through in his stats. Statwise, Hill and Irving are more similar than many want to believe (more on that later). Irving has a gifted scoring ability which separates him from Hill in most people’s minds; however, without that, these two are virtually the same player.

Hill’s defense would actually give him the upper hand. In reality, though, Kyrie Irving is a phenomenal scorer, which makes him leaps and bounds better than just about every other point guard in the NBA, outside of a select few.

That said, let’s dig into a bit of the stats as to why Hill is a perfect fit in Cleveland.

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