Cleveland Cavaliers: Trade the Nets pick. Just do it.

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Let’s stop dancing around the idea that the Cleveland Cavaliers are playing for now and the future by acquiring Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, and the 2018 Brooklyn Nets first round pick. They are not playing for the future.

The Cleveland Cavaliers must decide what to do with the Nets’ pick in the next six months. It’s not a particularly tough decision, regardless of what the pundits say. Cleveland is not a free agent destination. There is no more home-grown talent. No one likes the owner. Cleveland is all-in, now, win or go back to lottery heaven. This isn’t a debate. The Cavs need to parlay the Brooklyn Nets pick into an All-star or better by the trade deadline, or else.

Who’s the target?

The target is the best player that might become available. The target is Anthony Davis. Period. If the Cavs can’t get Davis, no one else is probably worth it. DeMarcus Cousins? Too much of a head case. Could any other All-star caliber player become available by the trade deadline? Maybe.

Andrew Wiggins is too redundant and not Davis. Russell Westbrook would be another hyper ideal person to snag away, but I’m not sure if Oklahoma City would give up on him the way New Orléans might give up on Davis. Marc Gasol is too old to give up that pick for. DeAndre Jordan doesn’t move the needle enough. And Carmelo Anthony probably isn’t worth the pick either.

So, there you have it. Of the 2016-17 All-Stars, only Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis (or both, oh my god) are worth the Brooklyn Nets pick. How do we get them?

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