NBA Playoffs Game 4 Preview: Cleveland Cavaliers At Indiana Pacers

The Cleveland Cavaliers are on the verge of sweeping the Indiana Pacers, but they will need a strong Game 4 performance from their big 3.

Following the unthinkable game 3 failure, Indiana Pacers’ point guard Jeff Teague guaranteed that their series against the Cleveland Cavaliers wouldn’t be a sweep.  Well, Jeff, I bet the Cavs will have something to say about that.

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After a horrendous Game 3, two of the three Cavaliers big three will be looking to enact some destruction on the Pacers. Love and Irving, who were benched the entire fourth quarter of Game 3, should be looking to prove something. A monster game from either of those two wouldn’t be too surprising.

This game will still come down to James vs George. The two superstars have gone at it all series. James has averaged 32.7 points per game, and it compares favorable to George’s 32.3. Just like compared to MVP candidate, James might not have much better stats, but they are always more efficient. Yes, that is a shot at both Harden and Russ.

It hasn’t been PG’s fault though. This 3-0 series deficit can be drawn to just about every Pacer except PG.

Regardless of how this one game plays out, the fans in that loyal stadium should start crying because that is probably the last time he is playing as a Pacer with how his teammates have been this series. So, it might be Indiana that is fighting for their future in this game.

This game can be seen on ABC at 1 PM EST. If the Pacers find a way to win, Game 5 will be help two days after on 4/25 in Cleveland.

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