Sir’Dominic Pointer Unlikely to Make Cavs Roster

Sir’Dominic Pointer had an intriguing Summer League. He showed off his defense, hustle and athleticism, something the Cavs lack on the backend of their bench. He is obviously a work in progress with his jump shot on the offensive end but his work ethic means improvement shouldn’t be counted out.

However, the late 2nd Round pick was always considered a longshot to make the Cleveland Cavaliers roster. Both the Cavs and Miami Heat have focused on bringing in veteran help alongside Best Player on the Planet LeBron James. Developing young players just hasn’t seemed to be an important part of the process of winning a championship.

This seemed to have backfired on the Heat at times, and the Cavs lacked any youth last year after Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love went out. Especially with 8 to 10 players playing most nights, having developing youth on the backend of the bench seems prudent. Alas, GM David Griffin and HC David Blatt (and probably LeBron) seem to think otherwise.

That is why yesterday’s news, the Cavs bringing Jared Cunningham in for Training Camp, likely impacts Pointer’s fight to make the team. While Cunningham is still young, 24 years old, he has been in the league for three seasons and fills much of the same role that Pointer does.

Cunningham is an athletic, defensive combo guard with an unproven jump shot.

He gets added to Kyrie, Mo Williams, Matthew Dellavedova, Iman Shumpert and Joe Harris in the Cavs backcourt. J.R. Smith could return, most expect him to, making both Cunningham and Pointer’s chances slim.

Pointer and Cunningham are 6’5″ and 6’4″ respectively. Neither has much mass either, both listed under 200 pounds. The combination of lack of height and weight means neither is able to make it as a small forward behind LeBron James and Richard Jefferson.

It will be interesting how the numbers play out. If JR returns both Pointer and Cunningham will struggle to make the squad. Without JR signing, one of the two may be able to stick. Which one might be decided by who shows the most improvement on their jump shot.

Do you think Sir’Dominic Pointer makes the Cavs roster?