Kendrick Perkins is the Grandfather of Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers signed Kendrick Perkins to help balance out the veteran leadership in the locker room, which is exactly what he has done.


When the Cleveland Cavaliers acquired Kendrick Perkins after he was waived by the Utah Jazz, no one expected him to come in and have an impact on the court. But Perkins has come in and had an impact in other meaningful ways — like in the locker room.

Perkins isn’t the best player on the team but he’s one of the most experienced and he’s perfect for the situation the Cavaliers are in now.

Chris Webber referred to Kendrick Perkins as the Grandfather of the Cavaliers — which is fitting and also hilarious.

It’s hilarious in that Perkins just got straight up trolled for being an old dude — by an even older dude — but it’s also fitting. Perkins has been on teams in Boston and Oklahoma City that have contained big personalities and high stakes. He knows how to deal with players when they get into media-amde feuds like what Kevin Love and LeBron James are dealing with now.

He also knows how to win in the postseason and knows what it’s like when a team comes together and wins — like in Boston — and when a team falls apart despite it’s talent, like in Oklahoma City.

Perkins may not be young, but he’s wise and that’s why he’s invaluable to a Cavaliers title run this season.