LeBron James doesn’t think Heat-Bulls series will be sexy

Despite the stellar defenses of both teams, the Celtics-Heat series provided us with some of the most sparkling offense we have seen all season.

LeBron isn’t expecting that to be the case when he takes his talents to Chicago for the eagerly anticipated series with the Bulls.

“I can definitely see points in the game when it’s not going to be fun for fans to watch if you love exciting basketball because it’s going to be offensive struggles sometimes,” James said.

Both teams present a level of athleticism perhaps above any other teams in the league and that means it will not be as easy for the likes of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Derrick Rose to put up the numbers that have seen them earn MVP awards.

The Bulls took the regular season series against the Heat 3-0. In all three games the Heat had chances to win the game and in all three games Miami came up short. Whether it was defensive lapses or LeBron James misses, Miami were unable to produce when they needed to most. It left a bitter taste in the mouthes of everyone that wants this team to succeed, and made the majority of us doubt their ability to do it in the playoffs.

It’s safe to say those questions have been answered.

It will be a showdown between the former 2 time MVP and the newly crowned MVP. So far however Rose has not had anything of a challenge put in front of him, and despite this has been far from perfect.

If you follow this site at all you will remember the highly controversial piece I wrote on Derrick Rose and his MVP credentials, and the issues I touched on in that article have been ever present these playoffs. Rose has taken too many shots and hit too few of them. He continues to ignore his teammates and the amount of possessions where he takes the ball and dribbles up court without even passing is far too often.

The point I’m trying to make is that the fact Chicago have really had very little in terms of a challenge and it may hurt them come this series. Given Atlanta took them to 6 games, but really Atlanta is no where near the class of Miami or Boston.

The Boston series will give Miami a distinct advantage in this upcoming series, despite the fact it only went 5 games. Miami were forced to play their best basketball for 48 minutes every single game. They were required to produce late game heroics to ensure victory and were asked to defend 4 of the game’s best players. They all of the above with flying colours.

James and Wade have finally had a big green weight lifted off their shoulders, which could really see the two begin to open up.

Chicago nonetheless should not be taken lightly at all especially given the fact they boast the league’s MVP and perhaps the hardest point guard to defend in the league, especially when he is hitting jump shots.

I expect Miami to win the series and I believe them to do so in 6 games. I can’t help but see the similarities between this Bulls team and the Cavaliers of 08-10. They take the best record in the Eastern Conference on the back of their young MVP. They then fairly comfortably move through the playoffs until they come up against another elite team and pretty quickly are gone.

If the Bulls are to beat the Heat they must get their remaining 11 players involved. The failures of the Cavaliers in the past was that they relied solely on LeBron to get them through. History and these current playoffs have shown you cannot win with one star, that the NBA has shifted to at the very least a 2 man game. Rose has the teammates to beat the Heat and has all the tools to make sure they help him but he has shown a lack of ambition to include players such as Boozer, Deng and Noah throughout the playoffs so far.

The Bulls cannot beat the Heat on the back of Derrick Rose. If it comes down to star power Miami will have them covered easily.

It will be in the play of Chicago’s role players that the series will be decided. Despite the fairly similar talent levels of both team I can’t see this Heat team not winning the championship. The way they played against the Celtics was awe inspiring.

Regardless of what happens, we will find out who the real MVP is.