Jun 2, 2014; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Dodgers partner Magic Johnson attends the game against the Chicago White Sox at Dodger Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Magic Johnson thinks Chicago Bulls are better than Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers landed LeBron James — the best basketball player on the face of the earth — in free agency this summer but that apparently doesn’t make them the best team in the East.

According to Magic Johnson, Pau Gasol is a better pickup than LeBron James — or at least that’s what his logic seems to be but putting the Chicago Bulls above the Cleveland Cavaliers in his updated ranking of Eastern Conference teams following free agency.

Let’s be fair to the Bulls — as I’m a Bulls fan and the signing of Pau Gasol indeed makes the Bulls a legitimate force int he East to run with things. But let’s not pretend that LeBron is stepping back into the 2009-10 Cleveland Cavaliers roster that drove him out of town because this team is much better than the Bulls and nay other Cleveland team LeBron has been on.

Cleveland has a great new head coach, solid defensive assets and a point guard who can stand for three seconds without having his ACL rip to shreds. The point is, the Bulls are title contenders, but so to are the Cavaliers — they’re just better than people think.

You can buy LeBron but you apparently can’t buy any love if you’re the Cavaliers in the NBA this summer.

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  • Brandon Norris

    “Bulls fan” yea right. You’re dreaming if u think the Cavs are better than the bulls without Kevin love and bulls returning rose (1 acl injury which u should know as a “bulls fan” ) with gasol whom the bulls outside of gasol have been playing together for years. Just be here to eat your words when the Cavs struggle next year due to them being a new team with 1 player with deep playoff experience and on top of that one of the youngest teams in the year. If u think they are better than a team that’s been together for years now with the beat defense in the league 3 or 4 years running, with an offense and nd returning healthy mvp, u sir or either hanging from James scrotum or maybe you’re that delusional and need a new job. From a real bulls fan…. GO BULLS!

    • pDTq7nHn

      He did say it was an ACL injury.. And the reality of things here is that if Rose stays healthy and you create the best passing tandem that the league has possibly ever seen with the addition of Pau then the Bulls are absolutely a much better bet to win the East than the Cavaliers. However, my money stays on LeBron as it always has because he is a difficult man to be at in a seven game series and once the mid-season comes around they’ll more than likely add Love at that time because because the cavs have by far the most and but assets to give to the Timberwolves and by mid season that is when the Tims and Flip Saunders will have their backs to to the the wall and will need to make a move before Love leaves and signs with the Cavs in free agency.. And don’t forget that the Heat still still exist. Bosh has long been my favorite player in the league and with the absence of LeBron James you will see an emergence from Bosh that no one is expecting. A superstar is a player that has his numbers get better as his rate goes up. And Bosh will only get better as he carries the Heat into the Playoffs this year.

    • RMS

      And they have won how many championships with this “experienced” team? Gasol is how old now?…lol seriously? I believe the Bulls have won the same amount of championships as Cavaliers with out the experience. Bulls couldnt even beat Cleveland years ago either with Lebron, and couldnt do it when he moved to Miami. Nice try, but both teams will be on the couch by the time the championship game comes.

  • Michael Lamb

    The whole point of his statement might have to do with the fact that Chicago was a way better team than Cleveland last year without Rose, Pau, Mitotic, McDermott, and Tony Snell with 10lbs more muscle and some focus. That’s a lot of pieces and a lot of depth. The Cavs will be good but even Lebron knows their a year or two away. If they get Love then they should be the favorites otherwise no. And nobody say the Pacers either please because they might lose Lance and all you need to expose Hibbert is someone who can take him out of the post which the Bulls have. Magic is right in his assessment. It’s easily the best PF and C combo in the NBA. I won’t go as far as best front court until the SF prove themselves.

  • Michael Lamb

    Also I have to say 1) Bulls 2) Cavs 3) Heat 4) Hawks 5) Wizards 6) Bobcats 7) Pacers 8) Raptors/Nets

  • Leroy Boyd

    You a Bulls fan I rather think you are a closet Bron wherever He At fan. Anyone who thinks because Bron joined the cavs that they are already ahead of the Bulls, Pacers, Wiz, Raptors, Nets, and even the Hawks is truly a closet fan hiding out in Bulls Red/Black.

    The Cavs having not been in the playoffs for years now all of a sudden with the addition of Bron they become favorites to win the East? I see you are also one if these so call Bull fan who keeps harping on the Rose and POSSIBLE injuries you forget that Irving hasn’t been playing without missing several games. I am not wishing any player to get hurt but it can happen to any player and it could happen to anyone on the Cavs team including Bron. So running around here harping on what could happen is like some nitwit thinking the can swim Lake Michigan buck naked and not get wet.

    The Teams like the Bulls Pacers Wiz Raptors Nets and Hawks are not scared of the new Cavs.

    • RMS

      Why keep going to the playoffs when you cant win enough to get you to the Championship…Bulls have been to too many Play off games and not enough to ever get over the hump.

  • Binoy Thomas

    What an idiotic statement, taking cheap shot at Derrick Rose?

  • William

    It’s not that Pau Gasol is better than LeBron, obviously not, but with a healthy D-Rose, the Bulls were the second best team in the east (after the heat) and even without D-Rose, they were the 4th or 5th best. The Cavs, with the addition of Wiggins, are maybe 7th or 8th in the East. LeBron jumps the Cavs past the Bulls with D-Rose, but with Gasol, I think the Bulls edge out ahead.

    • RMS

      The problem is its all second guessing, Rose hasnt been healthy a full year in how long. Now they have Gasol and Rose who are injury prone…dont get your hopes up. History always repeats itself they will get hurt again. Lebron and the current cavs stay fairly healthy with the exception of Kyrie who also hasnt played a full season

      • Brandon Norris

        U better hope d rose is an injury prone as u say because the last time he was healthy the bulls won 62 games more than any other team, granite the heat won in 5 but that was without any help on the perimeter or in the post. Bulls have that now, and your forgetting Miami had possibly 3 hall of famers on that team, Cleveland as of right now have lebron, and according to your assessment and “injury prone” Kyrie irvin. Anthony bennett is one of the worst #1 overall picks in history, unless they get love the bulls, pacers, wizards are all better than the cavs. Cavs of course got way better when they signed “the king” (choke artist) but you’re forgetting the bulls only needed offense and with gasol mcdermott, rose, and mirotic that’s a lot of new pieces that can score the basketball meanwhile the Cavs only got Bron Bron, Mr I don’t play the last 6 min of the finals cause I can’t put the team on my back in the 4th.

  • Logan Stout

    Has anyone forgot how the Cavs won 61 games LeBron’s last year in Cleveland (09-10) and then the year after LeBron left won 19. NINETEEN!! He literally had a 42 game win improvement just because he was on the team. That 2009 Cavs team had no one with the talent of Kyrie. Dion Waiters is a more talented player than Mo Williams and he was the 2nd leading scorer. Adding Wiggins and Bennett (Who looks very impressive in Vegas) as well as Allen and Miller more than likely, this is a good Cavs . Expect them to win 55-60 games. We’ll see if the Bulls will manage that. It looks like another year of them trying to get the ball in the basket.

  • Linkdeville

    If I know Magic like I think I know Magic, there is a method to his madness. Magic is an intelligent fella. With all the hoopla surrounding the greatest sporting news in recent history (The Return of the King), Magic is simply playing mind games with the Cavs. He really wants LeBron to give the people of Ohio what they want…a ring. However, he knows if he is like the rest of us truly are and fall into the hype there is nothing to motivate the team to deliver. Magic’s voice carries that much weight. #Trust!

  • bigmula

    If u think the bull can take out lbj yo smoke crank never

  • bigmula

    Rose bull will never ever beat king james

  • bigmula

    Magic on that white girl cavs going to the finals I but my $$$ on it now

  • Real M-Fing talk !!!

    The Bulls is the best team based on what???…. Derrick “girl scout cookie soft with the heart and knees of a pillsbury doughboy, who quit on his team, because he didn’t feel right” Rose….
    he is guy people have faith in the lead the Bulls through round after round and into the finals….
    When Rose was at his best, the year the NBA gifted him the MVP, which he has yet to hand over to James…. he was still and pushover and anyone who believes Rose will be a better player than his MVP year going is silly

    The past 4 years Miami was on top, its was NOT because of Wade and Bosh but a lot of Lebron… and he went to a Cavs team with better overall talent than Wade and Bosh !

  • Real M-Fing talk !!!

    i do not understand why so many people are ignoring the facts, Miami was Lebron, and if Lebron was still playing for Miami they would be the favs in the east !

    do you remember Miami’s roster?
    Chalmers, point guard < Kyrie
    Wade, shooting guard < Waiters, Wiggins
    Haslem, Battier, Oden, Lewis PF / Center < Tristan / Varejao

    Coles, Allen and Birdman coming off the bench., that was Miami's Roster, the only 2 players i did not mention was Bosh and Lebron…. so anyone who believe Bosh was the key to anything and Lebron was along for the ride, is stupid…. that's why the Cavs will be tops in the east !… if they do not get Kevin, they will need a love type player to reach another level while waiting on Wiggins to develop