Playoff Picture: Hawks clinch, Knicks cooked, West still complicated


Eastern Conference

East No. 1, No. 2 seeds: Indiana Pacers, Miami Heat

Indiana handed what seemed to be a decisive advantage to the Heat on Friday only for the Heat to slump to defeat in Atlanta 24 hours later. The Pacers now hold the better Conference record and control their own destiny: win out for the top seed in the East.

East No. 3, No. 4 and No. 5 seeds: Chicago Bulls, Toronto Raptors, Brooklyn Nets

There were no games involving these teams last night, meaning things stay as they were: The Raptors still need a win to clinch no worse than fourth and the Bulls are still trying to stay in front of both.

East No. 6, No. 7 seeds: Washington Wizards, Charlotte Bobcats

No games involving either of these teams either last night. Washington still holds the advantage and with Miami slipping to the second seed, may want to hang onto that.

East No. 8 seed: Atlanta Hawks, New York Knicks

The Hawks finally clinched their playoff berth by beating Miami at home on Saturday night. The Knicks are now done for the season, thankfully. If you’re a Knicks fan, I suggest a nice long detox from this season.

Western Conference

West No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 seeds: San Antonio Spurs, Oklahoma City Thunder, Los Angeles Clippers

The Spurs have clinched first, the Thunder can clinch second with a win in Indiana and Los Angeles doesn’t play today.

West No. 4, No. 5 seeds: Houston Rockets, Portland Trail Blazers

Portland can go fourth with a win against Golden State. With the winner of this almost-certain series taking on San Antonio, this is really a battle for more home games.

West No. 6 seed: Golden State Warriors

The Warriors can still fall down to seventh, but only by losing out while Dallas wins their final two games,

West No. 7, No. 8 seeds: Dallas Mavericks, Memphis Grizzlies, Phoenix Suns

Phoenix’s loss in Dallas could spell doom for them. Dallas’ win confirmed their return to the playoffs after sitting out last year. Memphis needs to win two of their final three games OR beat Phoenix on Monday night to clinch a playoff spot and eliminate Phoenix.

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