Two ladies escort Santa on his way to Quicken Loans Arena.

Right Down Euclid's Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa Claus,

I know you will be visiting all the children in the Northeast Ohio area on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning bearing gifts. I was hoping maybe you had room in your sleigh for a few more presents. And if so, could stop by one more house and drop off a few gifts? The address is 1 Center Ct., Cleveland, OH 44115 and it is home to the Cleveland Cavaliers. They do not know I am asking for these things. It is more of a surprise, but here is my Christmas wish list for them:

Please give them the same Dion Waiters we have seen in the past 13 games. Since moving to the bench, he has looked more and more like the player Chris Grant thought he was drafting fourth overall in 2012. Inconsistency has been common from him throughout his 83-game career. The franchise needs him to continue to play at this current level if they want to remain in playoff contention. If you could just do the entire city of Cleveland a favor and deliver us the Dion Waiters of late on Christmas morning, it would be a perfect gift for the entire fan base!

I don’t want to overstep my welcome, considering you already gave the Wine & Gold faithful Christmas in July with the signing of Andrew Bynum, but there are a few more things on my list. This one deals with Bynum and his knees. So far, they have held up well. And much like with Waiters, the Cavs are going to need more of the same from Bynum to remain competitive. So please, Kris Kringle, give us the gift a healthy Andrew Bynum. It will be a gift that keeps on giving. Just as our Hiroki Witt wrote: it is the only present we need dealing with Bynum.

This is my last one, Saint Nick, so just bear with me. This gift might be a little bit challenging, but I think you might have the elf power to make this come true. So on behalf of every single Cavalier fan, please give us the real Anthony Bennett. I am not sure who the one wearing the No. 15 Wine and Gold jersey currently is: some sort of imposter I suppose. Chris Grant drafted him No. 1 overall, and thus far all he has brought is an abundance of bricked jump shots and coal. He needs help. He needs to discover the skills and abilities that made him a coveted top pick last June. And I think you might be the person to help him find them. So Santa, can you help Cleveland out?


Kevin Stankiewicz


I still believe! And I hope you enjoy the milk and cookies we left out for you in section 130!

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