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Video: Cavaliers vs. Clippers Highlights

There was a lot to like in the Cavaliers 88-82 victory over the Los Angeles Clippers. Kyrie Irving was aggressive and played one of the best games of the season. Tristan Thompson was outstanding as well, doing a great job defending Blake Griffin and, along wit Anderson Varejao, really frustrating the the Clippers’ power forward. Before we get to the video highlights, let’s take a look at two GIFs of the moment where Griffin got physical with Varejao.



a The first play shows a fairly normal sequence of events. But then Griffin shoves Varejao (may or may not have embellished his fall just a little bit). Then Jarrett Jack steps in, as does a referee. But at the bottom of the madness, we see something truly wonderful: The Anderson Varejao troll face. Andy is literally laughing on his back and even puts his hands up like he’s that kid in elementary school trying to avoid getting trouble and think’s he’s being sneaky. This is classic Varejao. Gotta love him.

From there, we go to the overall game highlights, as well as three of the Cavaliers best plays of the night. The overall game highlights show of the good things the Wine & Gold did against one of the NBA’s premier teams, as well as Dion Waiters’ game-clinching rebound. The three plays are a fantastic spin move and finish by Irving, a great dunk by Thompson and a Jack’s half court shot which, heading into the final period, helped swing the momentum back into the Cavaliers favor.

Lastly, there is the video of the young Cavaliers fan who ran onto the court with a shirt reading Don’t Leave Kyrie”. His move drew a large amount of scorn from the Twitter community and, well, it is for good reason. I can’t support that fan no matter what angle you take it from whether it’s from a public safety perspective or just based on the fact that what he did was idiotic, because it was.

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